51 Alcoholic Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

51 Alcoholic St. Patrick's Day Cocktails

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Are you in the market for some new and interesting alcoholic cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day? Yes? Good, I’m glad, because I’ve got 51 of them to share with you. Whether you’re planning a party, an intimate dinner for two, or just a green-themed toddy to end the day with alone, there’s something here for everyone.

I hope you enjoy these Irish and green-themed treats!

51 Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

These boozy beverages are in no particular order, just in case you were wondering. They do all have one important thing in common, though… They’re all perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. (Well, they are in my opinion, anyway.)

1: Green Beer

I’m going to start with the easiest and most obvious of all alcoholic cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day… Green beer. It is, quite literally, regular beer with a little green food colouring added, but it does the trick!

Just make sure you start with quite a pale-coloured beer, that isn’t tinged with too much red or orange. You might find your green turning brown instead.

2: Black Velvet

By Always Order Dessert

I know it’s not a green drink, but it does have Guinness in it, which is pretty Irish’y, right? With both Guinness and champagne, this one isn’t quite as heavy or hearty as a typical pint of the black stuff.

Black Velvet Cocktail - Always Order Dessert

3: Lucky Shamrock Grasshopper Shot

By The Slow Roasted Italian

With French vanilla creamer, ice, crème de menthe, and crème de cacao (plus garnish and finishing touches, of course), this might become your new favourite shot… if you can pretend it doesn’t look like something a witch might have made. Green drinks… there’s just something about them, isn’t there?

Lucky Shamrock Grasshopper Shot - The Slow Roasted Italian

4: Pot o’ Gold Jelly Shots

By Delish

Bring out the big kid in all your party guests with jelly shots (or Jell-O shots, if you’re one of my North American friends). With sprinkles, squirty cream, and whiskey, it’s definitely not one for the little kids to enjoy. And by that, I mean the actual children and not just the adults that act like children.

Pot o Gold Jello Shots - Delish

5: Green Whiskey Smash

By Always Order Dessert

If you like a whiskey sour but you need to make it green-themed, this fruity little number might just work as the perfect compromise. With whiskey, limeade, ice, a few sprigs of fresh mint, a little cucumber, and some lime for the garnish, you’ll want to smash this drink. (Do you see what I did there?)

Green Whiskey Smash - Always Order Dessert

6: Peppermint Cream

By Cocktail Flow

If you’ve got Irish cream (Baileys), mint liqueur, and a quick spritz of squirty cream, you’ve got all the right components to make a peppermint cream shot – a green-to-white layered drink that is just the right colour for the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Peppermint Cream - Cocktail Flow

7: Irish Kiss Cocktail

By A Communal Table

With whisky, clover honey, and ginger beer, this one’s definitely warming, just in case the temperature happens to go down as you’re celebrating in the evening. Simple to make and easy to drink, this might be one you’ll want to add to your menu.

Irish Kiss Cocktail - A Communal Table

8: Easy Green Margaritas

By Gimme Some Oven

A boozy margarita wrapped up in a healthy smoothie… this drink doesn’t know what it’s doing, but it does know that it’s celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in true style… and green, of course.

Easy Green Margaritas - Gimme Some Oven

9: Caramel Apple Martini

By The Slow Roasted Italian

This drink isn’t traditionally Irish, but the green colour definitely works well for the theme, don’t you think? Plus, who doesn’t enjoy trying a band new martini flavour every now and then?

Caramel Apple Martini - The Slow Roasted Italian

10: Irish Coffee

By Gimme Some Oven

You can’t really talk about alcoholic cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day without having a little mention for the oh-so-tasty Irish coffee. Easy to make, perfect for after dinner, and a must-have for the big day… What’s not to love about it?

Irish Coffee - Gimme Some Oven

11: Guinness Ice Cream Float

You’ve heard of Coke floats, I’m sure, but have you heard of Guinness ice cream floats? If you haven’t, they’re every bit as tasty and as simple as they sound. You just need Guinness, and a glass, and some space at the top of the glass to fill with delicious vanilla ice cream.

You could always choose other ice cream flavours, of course, but you must take into consideration how they will taste alongside the Irish stout drink.

12: Kahlua Irish Whiskey Frozen Cocktail

By Creative Culinary

Here’s a fun fact to go along with your St. Paddy’s Day cocktail: St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just a celebrated day in Ireland. Many, many other countries around the world also drink and be merry on the green-themed, lucky day. These include South Africa, United States, Australia, Argentina, Canada, and New Zealand. Sticking with Ireland for just now, take a look at this delightful Kahlua Irish whiskey frozen cocktail, which is like a slushy for grownups – and I love it!

Kahlua Irish Whiskey Frozen Cocktail

13: Shamrock Sour Cocktail

By Pizzazzerie

There are actually several different types of shamrock, but thankfully only one typically associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. This is the clover. A young sprig of clover, to be exact. There are two species of this, known as the lesser and white clovers.

The ‘imposters’ (that aren’t really imposters) are the common wood sorrel, red clover, and hop clover. If you take a look at them, you’ll see that they’re not the type of shamrock associated with St. Paddy’s Day.

Shamrock Sour Cocktail - Pizzazzerie

14: Misty Mint

By Mix That Drink

If you’re in the market for a drink that is as beautifully green as the emerald isle itself, this one definitely stands up to the challenge. Suitable with both rum and vodka, this green boozy beverage is St. Patrick’s Day-ready, for sure.

Misty Mint - Mix That Drink

15: Guinness and Beer Cocktail

By Intoxicology

Okay, so, admittedly this one isn’t much of a cocktail, but it is still a drink that you need to make, and it features Irish ingredients, so it belongs on the list of 51 alcoholic cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day, as far as I’m concerned.

16: Irish Mojito

By Recipe Girl

To make this tasty green treat, you’ll need the following ingredients: crème de menthe, lime juice, sugar (granulated), fresh mint, Bacardi Limon, club soda, and some lime for garnish. It might look a little toxic in the green department, but it’ll certainly disappear like it’s a sweet treat!

Irish Mojito - Recipe Girl

17: Bazooka Joe

By Social and Cocktail

Once upon a time, green wasn’t the colour associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, many years ago, blue was the linked colour. Can you imagine how different the day – and these boozy beverages – would look if that were the case now?

18: St. Patrick’s Day Mojito Sherbet Punch

By Pizzazzerie

Four-leaf clovers and shamrocks are different, just in case you weren’t already aware of that. The latter is linked to religion and spirituality, whereas the four-leaf clover is linked to good luck… and are very rare. Some experts believe that the chances of finding one of these good luck charms is around one in ten thousand!

St. Patrick’s Day Mojito Sherbet Punch - Pizzazzerie

19: Emerald Isle Cocktail

By Mix That Drink

With citrus and herbal notes, it’s not a cocktail that’ll tick everyone’s boxes, but you might just find that you love this Ireland-inspired drink. It’s a very gin-dominated drink, so it might be for you if you like a bottle of the good stuff.

Emerald Isle Cocktail - Mix that Drink

20: Fools Gold Shot

By Intoxicology

If you travel back to the nineteenth century, the shamrock would have held a very different meaning to the one we attach to it today. Back in ‘those days,’ you could be executed for wearing the symbol, because it was used as a sign of uprising against the monarchy of Britain, in support of Irish nationalism.

In lighter news, how do you feel about this boozy beverage for St. Paddy’s day?

21: Irish Coffee Jelly Shots

By Elle Talks

Sometimes, a party just needs some jelly for the grownups – and what better jelly than Irish coffee jelly shots? Let everyone’s big kid out. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, after all.

Coffee Jello Shots - Elle Talk

22: Avocado Margaritas

By Gimme Some Oven

I’m not sure how I personally feel about having avocado in my margarita, but the green is on-theme, and it’s probably a lot healthier than a regular margarita. But what do you think? Avocado with booze – yay or nay?

Avocado Margaritas - Gimme Some Oven

23: Grownup Shamrock Shake Cocktail

By The Slow Roasted Italian

With vodka and crème de menthe, this isn’t the kind of milkshake you’ll want to leave lying around for the actual kids to drink. The grownups, on the other hand, will guzzle these down like they aren’t even alcoholic at all. Trust me, I’ve done the legwork on this. The drink goes down far too well!

Shamrock Shake Cocktail - The Slow Roasted Italian

24: Irish Coffee Nog

By Just a Pinch

You’ve heard of Irish coffee, but have you heard of Irish coffee ‘nog? It’s a great drink for a festive treat, but there’s nothing to stop you enjoying the Irish-themed drink at any ol’ time of the year, including St. Patrick’s Day!

25: Mintini Martini

By The Cocktail Project

The humble shamrock is a symbol of spring to older and current Celtic communities, but it didn’t take long for the plant to become linked to all things Irish. These days, it seems almost unbelievable for the plant to be linked to anything other than Ireland, doesn’t it?

Mintini Martini - The Cocktail Project

26: High Mintball Cocktail

By Unami Days

If you just so happen to be in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday 11th March, 2023 (and slightly different dates every year), you can witness quite an astonishing sight. The city dyes the entire Chicago River green, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It’s an eco-friendly dye that only tends to last for a few hours, in case you were worries about wildlife and the local ecosystem. Back when the tradition first started, back in 1962, the green colouration would last for weeks and even months! Other countries also dye rivers and other water bodies green for the day, including Singapore.

High Mintball Cocktail - Umami Days

27: Irish Eyes

By Make Me a Cocktail

Although St. Patrick’s Day is associated with drinking (copious amounts) these days, once upon a time, the holiday was a religious one that specifically required people to NOT drink. Aren’t you glad the traditions changed? Or would you prefer to go back to a booze-free bash?

28: Green Bloody Mary

By Platings and Pairings

If you thought that St. Patrick’s Day was a public holiday all around the world, you’d be wrong. It is only classed as a public holiday (the type you get off work) in three places: Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, and a Caribbean island called Montserrat.

Green Bloody Mary - Platings and Pairings

29: Emerald Sunrise

By The Good Hearted Woman

A green-coloured drink that’s a new spin on the classic tequila sunrise, you’re definitely going to want more than one of these boozy beverages. The best thing about this drink is it changes depending on how you serve it. Mix everything up and it’s nice and green but leave everything layered and it is something else entirely!

Emerald Sunrise - The Good Hearted Woman

30: Celtic Twilight

By The Drink Kings

Have you ever wondered where St. Patrick – the actual man himself – was buried? According to legends, you would need to head to Northern Ireland, to a place called Downpatrick in County Down. The name of the place ‘Downpatrick’ is actually rather apt, don’t you think?

Celtic Twilight - The Drink Kings

31: Irish Martini Espresso

By Bits and Bites

Here’s a fun boozy fact about living in County Cork in Ireland: there is apparently one pub for every five hundred people there! Many pubs have closed down around me (in England), so perhaps County Cork is the way forward for those of us who like a nice, local pub?

Irish Espresso Martini - Bits and Bites

32: Magically Delicious Martini for St. Patrick’s Day

By Elizabeth Doodah

I think the best thing about this drink is the Lucky Charms decoration around the rim. I’m a huge fan of the cereal, and I’d definitely add the stuff to every drink if I could! Especially this grown-up drink, created from white crème de cacao, light cream, vodka, and crème de menthe.

Magically Delicious Martini for St. Patrick’s Day - Elizabeth Doodah

33: Irish Kahlua Summer Cocktail

By Eat the Love

Whiskey distilling is actually one of Ireland’s creations, which is why the boozy drink is often associated with the “Emerald Isle”. That’s not the invention from there, though. You can also thank Ireland for your favourite potato crisps, footwear with rubber soles, colour photos, Guinness (of course), the ejector seat, and a bunch of other very interesting things.

Irish Kahlua Summer Cocktail - Eat the Love

34: Mint Chocolate Shamrocktini

By The Slow Roasted Italian

This cocktail will take under five minutes to whip up, will be loved by everyone who tries it, and is a marvellous green colour to match that St. Patrick’s Day theme! What’s not to love about this very green drink?!

Mint Chocolate Shamrocktini - The Slow Roasted Italian

35: Guinness Black and Blonde

One of the easiest drinks you can make for St. Patrick’s Day is the Guinness black and blonde. This is literally just two different types of the Guinness drink: blonde American lager and regular Guinness draught on the top.

Fill a glass with ice, put the blonde lager in first, then add the darker, draught Guinness on the top. You should end up with two separated layers, all ripe and ready to drink.

36: Nutty Irishman

By The Drink Kings

With Irish cream (Bailey’s) and Frangelico, this is another one of the super easy alcoholic cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day. It’ll take you mere moments to whip up, and it can be served in virtually any ol’ glass you like.

Nutty Irishman - The Drink Kings

37: Grandpa’s Green Stinger Drink

By Mighty Mrs

If you’re in the market for a drink that’s greener than green, this one might just tick all the right boxes for you. With crushed ice, brandy, and crème de menthe, it’s a simple cocktail that definitely works for the colour theme.

Grandpa's Green Stinger - Mighty Mrs

38: Green Swizzle

By Intoxicology

As far as alcoholic cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day go, this one might tick all the boxes for an Irish-themed cocktail that’s green, but not too green. We don’t all want to drink something that looks like a leafy vegetable, right?

39: Chocolate Leprechaun

By Mix That Drink

This chocolatey treat is super simple to make… and it’ll go down super simple – and fast, too! As well as having an Irish name, this boozy beverage also contains a very nice Irish ingredient – Irish cream (Bailey’s).

Chocolate Leprechaun Drink - Mix That Drink

40: Homemade Green Cotton Candy Moonshine

By Crayons and Cravings

I absolutely loved the idea of making your own green moonshine, although it must be noted that you should make this at least one week in advance to get the super-green and shimmery colouration.

Cotton Candy Moonshine - Crayons and Cravings

41: Irish Maid

By Difford’s Guide

This drink, usually served in an old-fashioned glass, mixes sugar syrup, lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, and Irish whiskey. Complete with ice, muddled cucumber, and a couple of slices of cucumber for garnish, of course.

42: Gaelic Flip

By Liquor

With Irish whiskey, grated nutmeg, an egg, allspice liqueur, sweet vermouth, and simple syrup, this is one drink that’ll warm you up on a cool evening – and the Irish whiskey ties it in nicely with the St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Gaelic Flip - Liquor

Liquor.com / Tim Nusog

43: Irish Coffee Affogato

By Olive Magazine

A simple cocktail recipe that is hot and warming and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day night, you’ll get a good helping of caffeine with your booze in this one!

Irish Coffee Affogato - Olive Magazine

44: Lucky Leprechaun Cocktail

By Intoxicology

If you’re looking for a fun, refreshing cocktail that’s easy to drink and as green as an emerald, how about the aptly named lucky leprechaun cocktail? With pineapple juice, Malibu rum, and Midori melon liqueur, it’s definitely a zesty pick-me-up, if that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for!

The Lucky Leprechaun - Intoxicology

45: Irish Jack Rose

By Liquor

There’s the classic Jack Rose cocktail, and then there’s the Irish Jack Rose cocktail. Can you guess what the difference is? I bet you can… That’s right: there’s a little bit of Irish whiskey in there to really liven things up!

46: Ombre St. Patrick’s Day Jelly Shots

By Tablespoon

St. Patrick is often associated with snakes. As the old legend goes, the patron saint of Ireland headed to the top of a hillside in Ireland and banished every serpent and snake from the land. It sounds good, but it can’t actually be possible. According to experts, snakes have never lived as wild creatures on the Ireland.

That’s not awkward at all, right?

Ombre St Patrick's Day Jello Shots - Tablespoon

47: Irish Monk Coffee

By The Drink Kings

This hot beverage combines black coffee, Irish whiskey, and Frangelico, all topped up with a bit of whipped or squirty cream. (Depending on which side of the ocean you’re from.) It’s a super easy drink for grown-ups on St. Patrick’s Day, and one that I reckon will go down a treat!

Irish Monk Coffee - The Drink Kings

48: Leprechaun’s Limeade

By Intoxicology

A limeade for grownups, this zesty little number mixes the obvious lime juice with tequila, plus a few lime wedges for garnish, of course. Super simple to make, and super lovely to drink, you’ll want to continue sipping this one all-year-long!

Leprechaun’s Limeade - Intoxicology

49: Mini Guinness Pudding Shots

By Hy-Vee

You might expect the number one buying and drinking country of Guinness to be Ireland, but it’s actually believed to be Britain. Ireland isn’t even second; it’s third. Second place goes to… Nigeria!

Mini Guinness Pudding Shots - Hy-Vee

50: End of the Rainbow

By The Cocktail Project

So, I’ve got a rather weird and interesting fun fact for you. St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the chap we all celebrate the day for, wasn’t believed to be Irish at all. In fact, many believe him to be British.

Are you as shocked as I am right now? We might need this Irish-themed cocktail just to process the news!

Dekuyper End of the Rainbow - The Cocktail Project

51: Leprechaun’s Lunch Cocktail

By The Slow Roasted Italian

With milk, crème de cacao, Baileys (or other Irish cream drink), and crème de menthe, it’s every bit as tasty and tangy as it is green – and it really is quite green. With the name, this might be one of the best suited boozy cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day.

Leprechaun’s Lunch Cocktail - The Slow Roasted Italian

And that’s that, folks – 51 alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day cocktails that’ll go down a treat at your next Irish-themed party or gathering. I hope you’ve managed to find something you like, and I’d love to know which one is your favourite.

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