21 Halloween Snack Ideas For 2023

21 Halloween Snack Ideas For 2022

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Here’s a fun Halloween fact to go along with your Halloween snack ideas for 2023: 

Nobody actually knows where and when Halloween first started. 

That’s right. There are lots of theories, but the true origins of the festive occasion aren’t really known or understood. The most accepted theory is that the origins lie with a Gaelic festival, called Samhain, but there are others. 

Anyway, now that I’ve dropped that bombshell, let’s get to the heart of the matter: your Halloween snack ideas for 2023.

I hope you’ve got a strong stomach, because some of these are gruesome! 

21 Halloween Snack Ideas For 2023

1 – Creepy Candy Halloween Creatures

If you’re in the market for something super gross, this Halloween snack idea might jut be the thing you’re looking for. And, to be honest, these Halloween snacks really do look super gross. But that’s the point, right? 

This recipe, from Masala Herb, turns earthworms, woodworms, maggots and slugs into something tasty and delicious… if you don’t look at them before you put them in your mouth. 

Would you dare to eat them? 

Creepy Candy Halloween Creatures

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Masala Herb.

2 – Halloween Popcorn Treats

If you love nothing better than snuggling up with a good spooky movie and a big bowl of popcorn for Halloween, these popcorn treats will definitely be a welcome addition! 

With just 5 minutes of preparation, plus 8 minutes of cooking time, these will be ready in next to no time — and you can tweak and customise them to make them more suited to you, your tastes, and your dietary needs! 

Halloween Popcorn Treats

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food Network.

3 – Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

These tasty pumpkin sugar cookies are healthier than your average cookie, because rather than using a massive amount of butter, the recipe calls for pureed pumpkin instead. 

These cookies will also give you a way to use up those mounds of pumpkin you have, once you’re done carving the decorations for the big night itself. 

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Real Simple.

4 – Halloween Candy Bites

These look good enough to eat… so it’s a good job you can eat them. I can’t see these ones lasting long in my house, personally. Anything that’s even remotely sprinkled with chocolate just gets devoured. 

But, if you’re having a party and can make these last long enough so that the first party guests can arrive, they’ll definitely go down a treat. You’ll just need to think up a trick or two to go with them.

Halloween Candy Bites

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Cooking on the Front Burners. 

5 – Cheesy Mummies

Who’d have thought that Tesco would be leading the way for Halloween snack ideas for 2023, but here we are. And, let’s be honest about this, these cheesy mummies look really quite scrumptious. 

Savoury, suitable for vegetarians, and ready from prep-to-serve in less than 30 minutes…

What’s not to like about this Halloween treat? You could always make a few tweaks to make it dairy-free and vegan-friendly, or to accommodate other food requirements.

Cheesy Mummies

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Tesco Recipes. 

6 – Halloween Mummy Hotdogs

If you’ve got a can of hotdogs in the back of the cupboard, these are great Halloween snack ideas for 2023 that you can put together in a flash. Add cheese, tomato sauce, mustard, onions, bacon, whatever you like, in fact! 

You could even have a Halloween mummy hotdog station, so people can put together their own hotdogs, with all of their favourite toppings. 

Little kids and big kids alike will love this one. 

Halloween Mummy Hotdogs

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Frugal Coupon Living. 

7 – No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle Mummies

These are super cute, super easy, and super on-theme for Halloween – but that’s not all. These delicious cheesecake truffles can be easily tweaked to suit other occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas. 

The best thing about these Halloween snack ideas for 2023? Well, it’s the fact that they’re no-bake, of course. Super easy just got even easier! 

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle Mummies

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Le Creme de la Crumb. 

8 – Poison Toffee Apples

If you’re looking for Halloween snack ideas for 2023 that’ll really make a difference, and would also make a great centrepiece, these poison toffee apples are certainly a contender. 

They’re sinister, they look really striking, and they’re sure to have people asking whether or not they’re really poisoned… 

But when they bite into their delicious toffee apple, will they get a treat, or a trick?

Poison Toffee Apples

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Simply Delicious Food. 

9 – Devilled Chicken Wings

This spicy Halloween dinner idea combines sriracha, honey, and a variety of spices – but you could always tweak a couple of the ingredients if you’d prefer yours milder… or spicier! 

These will take you 10 minutes to prep, plus around 50 minutes of cooking time, but they’ll be well worth the wait. Just make sure you’ve got some kitchen roll or wet towels handy, because they’ll make a right mess FOR SURE!

Devilled Chicken Wings

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Tesco Recipes. 

10 – Mini Chocolate Spider Donuts

Not only do these adorable spider donuts require only FIVE ingredients to throw together, but they’re also super easy. If that wasn’t good enough, you can whip them up in 20 minutes, including both prep and cooking time, for last minute parties and events. 

If you have certain dietary requirements, you could even make sure that your donuts have been created with those in mind beforehand. (And yes, there are lots of substitutions you can make with donuts.) 

Mini Chocolate Spider Donuts

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at Cooking on the Front Burners. 

11 – Halloween Cake Pops

These are super easy to make, require approximately 30 to 45 minutes of prep, cook and chill time, and will make roughly 10 delicious cake pops to feed those hungry monsters of yours. 

If only the rest of life was so easy to sort out, eh?

As suggested by the BBC Good Food website, why not include the kids in this Halloween snack creation? You could get them to decorate the cake pops, turning them into eyeballs or other gruesome things. 

Or, you know, you could just keep the fun cake decorating job for yourselves. No one would blame you! 

Halloween Cake Pops

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at BBC Good Food. 

12 – Dracula’s Dentures

As far as Halloween snack ideas for 2023 go, this one is bloody brilliant, even if I do say so myself. 

You’ll only need 4 ingredients to create these snappy little bites: some red frosting, sliced almonds, marshmallows, and chocolate chip cookies. 

The good news just gets better, too! The creator of the recipe offers a range of suggestions to make the Halloween treats suitable for almost all diets. These include substituting the sliced almond teeth with pumpkin seeds or small slices of white sweets instead. 

Dracula’s Dentures

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at The Girl Who Ate Everything. 

13 – Spider Web Meringues

If you’re looking for a light, fluffy and airy treat to feed your party guests at Halloween, these spider web meringues are a great idea to consider. 

They’re quick, simple, and can be customised and decorated in a wide variety of ways. The possibilities are endless, but what will YOU come up with? 

Spider Web Meringues

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at The First Year Blog. 

14 – Marzipan Pumpkin Truffles

These take a little longer to put together than some of the other Halloween snacks ideas for 2023 I’ve listed, but once these little pumpkin-shaped marzipan delights are finished, they really will be a treat! (And not a trick!)

You could get really creative with these little treats, and you could even get the kids involved, too. 

Marzipan Pumpkin Truffles

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food Network.

15 – Slimy Monster Cupcakes

Stick some edible slime and candy googly eyes on a cupcake and what do you have? A slimy monster cupcake, of course! 

These not-so-cute cupcakes are fun enough for the kids to want to snap them up, and tasty enough for the grown ups to want to snap them up… so I’m predicting there won’t be a lot of these tasty treats left by the end of your Halloween event! 

(And if there is, you can just eat them all. That’s totally what I would do.)

Slimy Monster Cupcakes

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Cutefetti.

16 – Greek Yogurt Halloween Parfait

Need Halloween snack ideas for 2023, breakfast edition? You should see this Halloween parfait! It’s perfect for the occasion, and it’s got healthy berries in, and it’s much better for the kids (and you) than bucket-loads of sugary sweets and chocolate

What makes this recipe even better is that you can tweak it to better suit your taste or dietary requirements – and you can keep eating it all-year-long, switching it up by adding seasonal fruits. 

Greek Yogurt Halloween Parfait

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Pitchfork Foodie.

17 – Candy Corn Crunch

Do you need a big bowl of something for the kids (or you) to munch on? This candy corn crunch recipe would make a great popcorn substitute for spooky movie night, and you could also bag it up to make a slightly healthier Halloween snack for the kids to take to school. 

In fact, I can think of a hundred and one different reasons why you could create this crunchy dish, but I’m sure you get the idea. 

Candy Corn Crunch

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Diary of a Recipe Collector.

18 – Yummy Mummy Cakes

These are cute, taste utterly delicious, and are perfect for any Halloween event!

You’ll need food colouring to dye the usually red, red velvet cake green, but you could go crazy with your decorations, if you wanted to. I love the mummy decoration, of course, but I’m interested to learn what YOU think.

How would you decorate yours? 

Yummy Mummy Cakes

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Bakerella.

19 – Witches Hat Cupcakes 

This easy cupcake recipe will produce 12 of these cute and colourful witches hat cupcakes, with just 20 minutes of cooking time. (And around 15 minutes of preparation time, too.) 

If it’s been a while since you last made cupcakes, maybe it’s time to start again with Halloween snack ideas for 2023 like this one? 

Witches Hat Cupcakes

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food Network.

20 – Human Candy Teeth 

Despite what these Halloween snack ideas might look like, they’re not really real teeth. Instead, they’re made from marzipan and shaped, giving them a tooth-like look, without the yuck factor. 

It might not be the most appetising of Halloween snacks, but if the aim of the game is to have people squirming at your Halloween event, I reckon these will probably do the trick!

Human Candy Teeth

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Not Quite Nigella.

21 – Halloween Cupcakes

This Halloween snack idea isn’t exactly a quick one, nor is it one that you whip up with just a couple of ingredients. We’re verging into actual baking territory here, but if you follow the recipe, I promise, it’s easier than it looks!

You’ll want to allow enough cooling time for these cakes, on top of about 20 to 30 minutes of preparation time, and around the same in cooking time, too. (Depending on how good your oven is.) 

You’ll have the absolute joy of decorating them with your best spooky ideas once they’re all done and baked, though. Doesn’t that sound like fun? 

(Almost as fun as eating them!)

Halloween Cupcakes

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions at BBC Good Food. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration, and you now have more Halloween snack ideas for 2023 than you could ever need.

Don’t forget to take a look around the Halloween section of Buzzy Kitchen, to find more spooky-themed snacks, treats, drinks, and menus to impress even the most difficult of guests!

Have a Happy Halloween!

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