How Many Grams Is One Stick of Butter?

How Many Grams Is One Stick of Butter

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One of the absolute worst things about recipes on the internet, in my humble opinion, is finding an American one (as a Brit) and having to convert imperial to metric or vice-versa. Thankfully, I’m here to make life easier for you, and today, I’m going to answer a very simple question: How many grams is one stick of butter?

What Is a Stick of Butter?

If you were to travel across the pond to the United States of America, you’d find that butter in stores is sold in sticks rather than in the tubs you’ll see in British supermarkets. U.S. butter is sold in (usually) half-pound or one-pound packages, made up of stick-shaped chunks.

The stick format became popular in the early 20th century when home refrigeration became common. Before refrigeration, butter was often sold in larger quantities or churned at home. With the advent of household refrigerators and more frequent grocery shopping, smaller, pre-measured portions like sticks became more practical for consumers.

Stick of Butter in Grams

There’s often a handy measuring guide on the packaging. This lets you know how much you should cut and use, eliminating the need for measuring cups and kitchen weighing scales and all the other stuff. It also answers the whole ‘how many grams is one stick of butter question?’ too.

Sticks of butter are a standardized unit of measurement that makes it easy for U.S. consumers to use in cooking and baking. Each stick typically weighs four ounces (1/4 pound or 113 grams) and is often divided into eight tablespoons, with each tablespoon marked on the wrapper.

How Many Grams Is One Stick of Butter?

One stick of American butter is 113.4 grams, to be exact.

Most people round it down to 110 or 113 grams.

The stick format is convenient for packaging, storing, and using. Sticks are easy to wrap in wax paper or foil, fit neatly in the refrigerator, and can be easily stacked or arranged. This practice was thought to have started back in 1907 or thereabouts, by a manufacturer known as Swift and Company.

One stick of butter (113g) is the same as 4 ounces, or ¼ pound, or 8 tablespoons. You know, just in case you needed those conversions, too.

Grams Is One Stick of Butter

Two Types of Stick Butter

Believe it or not, there are actually two types or shapes of stick butter available in the US, mostly due to machinery differences. These are:

  • Western-pack shape
  • Elgin or Eastern-pack shape

The most common of the two types is Elgin or Eastern-pack shape, which measures 121mm by 32mm by 32mm, and is named after a dairy business based in Elgin, Illinois, US.

Butter Fun Fact #1

We don’t actually know where butter started or originated from. It’s mentioned in the Bible and, according to Anchor Butter, was also enjoyed back in the times of Ancient Rome. That makes butter super, super old!

How Many Grams is One Stick of Butter Conversions

I’ve created a handy little table to make your sticks of butter to grams /other conversions much easier. Who has the time to mess around with complicated stick of butter conversions when you’re elbow-deep in flour and butter?!

¼ stick28g1/8 cup1oz1/16 pound2 tbsp6 tsp
½ stick57g¼ cup2oz1/8 pound4 tbsp12 tsp
1 stick113g½ cup4oz¼ pound8 tbsp24 tsp
2 sticks227g1 cup8oz½ pound16 tbsp48 tsp
3 sticks345g1 ½ cups12oz¾ pound24 tbsp72 tsp
4 sticks453g2 cups16oz1 pound32 tbsp96 tsp
5 sticks565g2 ½ cups20oz1 ½ pound40 tbsp120 tsp

Butter Fun Fact #2

Here in the UK, butter can only be called butter, legally, if it contains at least 82% buttermilk fat and a maximum water content of 16% weight. If the product contains more than 16% water and less than 82% buttermilk fat, it can’t be called butter. Instead, it should be called margarine/spreadable/etc.

Butter Tip

If you want the most accurate amount of butter for your recipe (which is usually quite important for baking,) you should opt for weight measurements rather than tablespoons or teaspoons.

Stick Butter in Grams

Conclusion: How Many Grams Is One Stick of Butter?

Sticks of butter are easy to brand and display on store shelves. The uniform shape and size make it straightforward for manufacturers to package and for retailers to stock.

Different countries have different preferences and standards for food packaging based on historical, cultural, and practical reasons. In the United States, the stick format became the norm, while in other countries, such as Europe, butter is more commonly sold in blocks or other shapes.

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