21 Cupcakes for Spring

21 Cupcakes for Spring

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Spring is finally upon us, as are all of the flavours that the season has to offer… and what a bountiful collection it is! Elderflowers, mint, pomegranates, oranges, rhubarb, strawberries, cherries, apricots, and many, many more. In fact, I might be here all day if I were to list them. Instead, let me introduce you to them by way of these delightful cupcakes for spring. I think you’re going to love them.

So, without any further messing around, why don’t I get right to it?

21 Cupcakes for Spring

There are a whole bunch of benefits behind eating fruits that are in season. To start with, the fruits are picked when they are at peak freshness, so they’ll have the maximum in terms of colour, fragrance, flavour, and more. The fruits that aren’t in season will have to travel great distances to get to the supermarket shelves, so they are usually slightly less fresh… and a little more expensive, too. Seasonal fruits are often a little cheaper. Not always, but often.

You’ll learn a little more about the benefits of cupcakes for spring with seasonal fruits and ingredients as you continue reading… if you’re interested, of course.

1: Apricot Curd and White Chocolate Cupcakes

By Tin and Thyme

I’ve mentioned apricots already, so I think it makes sense to start with that wonderful spring fruit. They’re in season from June until August, according to Oddbox, and reports show that they’re a great fruit to incorporate into your menu if you want to improve the health of your eyes, support your immune system, improve the health of your heart, aid your digestive system, help with bone mineral density, reduce your risk of diabetes, reduce high blood pressure, improve the health of your skin, and fight against anaemia. That’s according to Holland and Barrett, anyway.

Apricot Curd and White Chocolate Cupcakes by Tin and Thyme

These spring-themed treats require 25 minutes of preparation time plus 22 (precisely) minutes of baking time. As always, though, it’s a good idea to use an oven-safe thermometer to check that your oven is the temperature you think it is. What’s great about this recipe is that you can easily replace the apricot curd with any other kind of curd, such as lemon or raspberry. You could really get imaginative with these cupcakes for spring.

2: Garden Bug Cupcakes

By Eats Amazing

If there’s anything that I, personally, associate spring (and summer) with, it’s the bugs. Most definitely the bugs. So, to celebrate them rather than vilify them today, let’s take a peek at these quite delightful and adorable garden bug cupcakes for spring. All the bugs of the season are there, and you could easily customise them to suit your theme or requirements. Don’t like snails? Don’t worry about it! Just replace them with bees or something else instead.

Garden Bug Cupcakes by Eats Amazing

You’ll need to set aside roughly 10 minutes of preparation time, 20 minutes of baking time, 20 minutes of decorating time, and enough time to let the cupcakes cool down before you attempt to decorate them. You’ll get 12 cupcakes out of the recipe, though, and the kids are guaranteed to love them! Don’t worry about the kids… I love them.

3: Yellow Carnation Cupcakes

By Bake with Stork

Nothing says spring quite like brightly coloured carnations, which are, incidentally, one of my favourite flowers. Carnations actually bloom from late spring, around mid-to-end of May, right through until the end of August in some places. This makes them the perfect theme for not just spring, but also summer, too.

Yellow Carnation Cupcakes by Bake with Stork

Here’s a really great cupcake (or cake) baking tip for you, too: ensure that the sugar and butter are creamed together for at least five minutes. The mixture together should have a very fluffy and light texture, and the colour should be quite pale – a little lighter than the original colour of the butter. In doing this, your batter will contain lots of air bubbles, which ensures light, fluffy, and really enjoyable cupcakes.

4: Lavendar Cupcakes

By Delicious Magazine

Technically, lavender does bloom in spring. The end of spring/start of summer is known, traditionally, between June 20th and June 22nd each year, all dependant on which hemisphere you’re in. The meteorological summer start is a little earlier: June 1st, but actual summer starts on June 20th, 2024, in the UK. It’s not the same date every year, though. Spring ends on June 21st in 2025, and it’s the same for 2026, too.

Lavendar Cupcakes by Delicious Magazine

One of the best things about this recipe is that you can either make 12 regular sized cupcakes, or you can make 24 mini ones, which are perfect for kids’ parties. That’s not all, either: you can flavour them in several ways, such as lavender (the recipe here,) rosemary, lemon, or a combination of flavours if you like. You just need 20 minutes of baking time, 45 to 60 minutes of cupcake cooling time (of course!) and enough time to decorate them… which will depend on your skill level. My friend can decorate 12 cupcakes in the blink of an eye. It takes me a little longer, even though I have been baking for a number of years!

5: Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes

By Best Recipes UK

Research shows that fruits that are in-season tend to be much richer in nutrients than those that have to travel further due to being out-of-season. In-season fruits have the opportunity to achieve full ripeness before they are picked or harvested, so the minerals and vitamins they contain are still at their maximum levels. The longer fruits and vegetables have to travel once they are harvested, the more the nutritional value will degrade.

Lemon and Elderflower Cupcakes by Best Recipes UK

Elderflower is a great accompaniment for very tart fruits, such as lemon, grapefruit, and rhubarb – but you must remember to cook the berries and/or other parts of the plant. Raw elderflower berries are toxic to humans and pets, and in just as recently as the 1980s, people have been essentially poisoned with raw, not cooked or boiled stems, leaves, and berries from the North American black (or blue) S. mexicana elderflower (Sambucus) plant. Anyway, not to scare you or anything; but just make sure that you buy your elderflowers from a reliable and reputable source, you know? And cook them properly, obviously.

6: Peach Berry Shortcake Cupcakes

By Food Network UK

Late spring and into the summer are when peaches are at their best in the UK, but the fruits are available all-year-round, imported from places such as the Mediterranean. They are a quintessentially British treat, which is weird when you consider that growing peaches in the UK is somewhat difficult at times. The fruit needs a warmer, sunnier climate than the dreary British weather has to offer.

Peach Berry Shortcake Cupcakes by Food Network UK

Berries and peaches go really well together, a blend of sweetness and tartness coming together for a flavour sensation. This recipe utilises both, combined with delicious shortcake, for a spring-summer treat that the whole family can enjoy. Actually, while I’m on the subject of spring and summer treats, I think it’s a good time to remind you that these posts exist:

7: Bramley Apple Crumble Cupcakes

By Karen Williams, Delish

Spring can sometimes be a bit weird, weather-wise… especially in the United Kingdom. It’s raining today, but it was 20C and burn-your-skin sunny yesterday – and that’s just a tiny snapshot of what kind of weather you can expect. For when the weather takes a turn for the chillier, these Bramley apple cupcakes are perfect – and they’re available all-year-long for the most part. They’re usually picked in autumn, around August and September; but then they are cold stored for the rest of the year, making them perfect any time and any season.

Bramley Apple Crumble Cupcakes By Karen Williams, Delish

Aurelia over at Philosophy of Yum recommends getting the highest quality ingredients that your budget will allow. In fact, Aurelia’s exact words are: “What you put in, you will get out,” so bearing that in mind, look for free-range eggs, organic products, 100% natural ingredients, and other high-quality ingredients. You don’t need to get the most expensive version of everything; you just need to get the best that your budget will allow. Not all brand-named products are better than their cheaper, supermarket-branded counterparts.

8: Violet Cream Cupcakes (Parma Violets)

By Jessica Ransom, Good to Know

I can think of several events and occasions that perfectly suit these beautiful violet cream cupcakes for spring, such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, afternoon teas, and more. The recipe is super easy and offers up 12 aesthetically pleasing sweet treats, and they’re cheap to make, too. You’ll just 20 minutes of preparation time, 20 minutes of cooking time, plus cooling and decoration time.

Violet Cream Cupcakes by Jessica Ransom, Good to Know

Most types of violets (the flower) bloom in spring and occasionally early summer, which makes anything violet-flavoured or coloured is simply perfect for a springtime event or occasion. There are actually a few edible spring flowers you can add to your cupcake treats, too. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends daisies, elderflower, bergamot, chrysanthemum, lavender, hibiscus, and primrose, to name but a few!

9: Gooseberry and Coconut Muffins

By Just Add Patience

Yes, I know these are muffins and not technically cupcakes, but the spring flavours are a great combination, so I think it makes sense to add these muffins to the list of cupcakes for spring. Gooseberries are seasonal in the UK between mid-to-late spring through into autumn – June through to August. You can tell when the berries are ripe by giving them a squeeze. If they’re still hard, they’re not quite ripe. If the fruits are squishy and softer, they’re ready to eat.

Gooseberry and Coconut Muffins by Just Add Patience

Are cupcakes and muffins the same?

Since we’re here, it makes sense to answer a much-asked question. In short: no, cupcakes and muffins aren’t the same. They’re similar, but they’re not the same.

Cupcakes are sweet, light, fluffy, and airy treats that are often enjoyed with a cup of tea in the afternoon, or as a dessert-style treat.

Muffins, on the other hand, are denser and thicker/stodgier (so to speak,) can be both sweet and savoury, and are often a little bigger than their cupcake cousins. You can make cupcakes instead of sweet muffins, but it’s a little tricker (and less common here in the UK) to make savoury cupcakes.

10: Basil and Strawberry Cupcakes

By Asda

You can grow basil at home, right on the windowsill, and pick it when it comes into season, usually between March and October here in the UK. Strawberries are seasonal between the later parts of March (May) right until September. You’ll oftentimes find imported strawberries in the supermarket, which are ideal for when you can’t get locally sourced fruits.

Basil and Strawberry Cupcakes by Asda

If your cupcakes sink in the middle, but you’ve already tried all the other fix-it tips on the internet, why not try taking a look at the main ingredients, such as flour, baking powder, etc.? A chemical reaction needs to occur for cakes to rise. Over time, the agents that make the raising process happen degrade and lose their “rise-ability,” so make sure that the ingredients are as fresh as possible. Check the expiration or best-before dates!

11: Mini Carrot and Orange Cakes with Rum Drizzle

By Emily Jonzen, Sainsbury’s Magazine

If you need your cupcakes for spring to be a little more suited for the adults at the party, this rum-drizzled recipe is going to tick a few of those boxes. Zesty, boozy, and fruity – it’s just the thing for a springtime treat, and they’d also be great for autumn and winter, with the warming flavours bringing a certain something.

Mini Carrot and Orange Cakes with Rum Drizzle By Emily Jonzen, Sainsbury’s Magazine

One thing you should never forget is cupcake liners. If you don’t use them, you run the risk of the cake batter sticking to the pan and turning into a crumbled mess when you attempt to retrieve them. You can also use themed or coloured cupcake liners to turn very simple and plain cupcakes into themed and fancy ones! Whack some Christmas cupcake liners on a regular vanilla cupcake, and you have yourself a Christmas cupcake!

12: Chocolate Flowerpot Cupcakes

By Dr Oetker IE

Cute, great for kids and adults alike, and utterly delicious, these cupcakes are perfect for any kind of occasion, in all honesty, but they fit in perfectly with the spring floral theme. When you think of spring, what first springs to mind? Flowers? Warm temperatures? A specific fruit or food? Use those ideas and thoughts to inspire your baking creations! Who knows what’ll happen when you get a tad experimental…

Chocolate Flowerpot Cupcakes by Dr Oetker IE

One of the worst things you can when making these cupcakes for spring (or any other kind of cupcakes/cake baking) is overfill the cupcake liners or cake pan. Less is more in this situation, and overfilling will likely lead to misshapen, unevenly baked, disasters rather than beautiful, fluffy, delightful cupcakes. Each liner should be filled only three-quarters of the way. The remaining quarter will allow for rising, and your cupcakes will be more evenly cooked.

13: Prosecco and Strawberry Cupcakes

By Baking Mad

Now, these are cupcakes that’ll see you through spring, summer, and a range of events and occasions, such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, get-togethers, kids’ parties (for adults, obviously,) and so many more. The recipe is not easy, but it’s not difficult or complex, either. It’ll just take you a little more effort than ‘easy’ cupcakes.

Prosecco and Strawberry Cupcakes by Baking Mad

Serving 12 delightful cupcakes for spring, summer, or any other event, you’ll need to set aside 20 minutes of preparation time, 20-25 minutes of baking time, and 45-60 minutes of cupcake cooling time. You should probably give yourself a few minutes for decoration time, too – and maybe a practice run, if this is your first attempt at making them.

14: Carrot Patch Cupcakes

By Aldi

These absolutely adorable cupcakes are served up in actual miniature plant pots, which might be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while – and I’ll definitely be recreating the recipe myself. If the plant pot idea doesn’t really appeal to you, brown cupcake liners (or another kind of flower-themed liner) will do the trick just as well.

Carrot Patch Cupcakes by Aldi

These cupcakes for spring are great for when you want to incorporate the carrot theme, without actually adding carrots to the recipe. We all know how fussy kids (and some adults) can be, so it’s a great alternative that should keep everyone happy. Also, who doesn’t like chocolate with chocolate biscuits and more chocolate?

15: Happy Sunflower Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

By Ocado

If you’d like to live a more eco-friendly, green lifestyle, choosing in-season fruits and ingredients for your cupcakes for spring (or other treats) is a great option – and for several reasons. To start with, fruits that aren’t in season need to be imported from countries – and sometimes continents – where they are in season. In turn, that means more lorry journeys, increased fuel usage, storage, and more. By choosing seasonal ingredients, you’ll avoid all of that, in turn reducing your carbon footprint. Smart, right?

Happy Sunflower Chocolate Chip Cupcakes by Ocado

Nothing says sunshine quite like the humble sunflower, right? Well, while we’re on the subject of sunflowers, here are a couple of fun facts about them that I didn’t know:

1: Sunflowers aren’t always yellow.

2: Younger sunflower plants will move and face the sun, tracking its movement.

3: The larger flower is actually made up of lots of little flowers!

16: Honey and Lavender Cupcakes

By Secret Sauce

Cupcakes have become a popular alternative to traditional wedding cakes. Couples often choose to create a cupcake tower, allowing for a variety of flavours and easier serving to guests. These honey and lavender would be aa fabulous addition to a rustic wedding event alongside spring time!

Honey and Lavender Cupcakes by Secret Sauce

When you read over the recipe for frosting, specifically when it comes to the ingredient amounts, always add on a bit more. It’s better to have more icing or frosting than too little, and you’re not going to want to find yourself in a position where you’ve messed up a couple of cupcakes and have no frosting left to make things look good. If everything turns out okay and your cupcakes don’t need re-dos, just eat the frosting, or share it out with the kids. We won’t tell everyone if you don’t tell, either!

17: Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cupcakes

By Bake with Stork

If you want larger, more substantial cakey treats, opt for muffin liners rather than cupcake or fairy cake liners. Muffins are larger, more like the traditional American muffin. Cupcakes and fairy cakes, on the other hand, are typically smaller. There’s nothing to stop you from making larger or smaller treats than what the recipe recommends. You might need to tweak the baking time and temperature a tiny bit, but don’t be afraid to play around a little.

Chocolate Victoria Sponge Cupcakes by Bake with Stork

In addition to paper liners, there are also reusable silicone cupcake wrappers available. These are eco-friendly and come in various shapes and colours. Some studies have shown that the aesthetics of a cupcake, including colour and decoration, can significantly influence a person’s perception of its taste, so it definitely pays to get creative and experiment with colour and other features!

18: Earl Grey Tea Cupcakes

By Sweet 2 Eat Baking

Cupcakes saw a significant rise in popularity in the early 2000s, partly due to being featured in TV shows like “Sex and the City.” The Magnolia Bakery in New York City became particularly famous for its cupcakes. The Food Network’s show “Cupcake Wars,” which premiered in 2009, contributed to the cupcake craze by showcasing bakers competing to create unique and delicious cupcakes.

Earl Grey Tea Cupcakes by Sweet 2 Eat Baking

In the United States, National Cupcake Day is celebrated on December 15th. It’s a day dedicated to enjoying and sharing these delightful treats, and the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of cupcakes! (In my humble opinion, anyway.) Cupcakes are often seen as a more manageable dessert option compared to full-sized cakes, making them perfect for portion control and individual servings at parties and gatherings.

19: Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

By BBC Good Food

Sprinkles Cupcakes introduced the world’s first cupcake ATM in 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. These machines are stocked with fresh cupcakes and operate 24/7, allowing people to satisfy their cupcake cravings at any time. I would like to start a petition to get the vending machines brought in over here in the UK!

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes by BBC Good Food

Let’s go back to those benefits and advantages to choosing seasonal ingredients, such as fruits, to cook/bake and eat – and not just over spring: throughout every season. Fruits that are in-season, are usually in-season in abundance. There will be lots of the fruit available, so they will usually be cheaper than when the fruits are out-of-season. Not only will you need to consider the carbon footprint of your produce travelling vast distances; you’ll also need to account for the added cost, too. Ingredients are going to be cheaper when they come from five minutes away, rather than five days.

20: Carrot Cupcakes

By Co-op

In some cultures, carrots are seen as a symbol of spring renewal and growth. Their bright, vibrant colour is often associated with the freshness and new beginnings that come with the spring season. What better way to incorporate them into your cupcakes for spring than with these carrot cupcake designs?

Carrot Cupcakes by Co-op

The name “cupcake” comes from the practice of baking these small cakes in teacups or ramekins before muffin tins were widely available. They were also called “number cakes” because they were easy to remember by their measurements: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs. Just in case you didn’t know!

21: Very Lemony Cupcakes

By Dr Oetker IE

Zesty, invigorating, and really quite delicious on a warm, sunny day – that’s what I’ve got to say about these very lemony cupcakes for spring, which I have made and taste-tested myself! Each one has a surprise lemon curd centre, all topped off with a soft and fluffy buttercream that has also been given the lemon zest treatment, for added zestiness!

Very Lemony Cupcakes by Dr Oetker IE

Are you a cupcake baking and decorating newbie? Don’t worry; I’ve got your back! The easiest icing to work with is, according to the experts, a sturdy and easy-to-handle one, such as Swiss meringue buttercream, regular buttercream, and cream cheese-based buttercream or frosting. It’s not too thin, so it won’t slide around and off the case, making a right mess in the process. Instead, these buttercream types are thick and smooth, making them a lot easier to work with, especially when using piping bags or similar, whether you’re a baking newbie or a baking pro!

21 Cupcakes for Spring: Conclusion

From pastel-coloured frosting and floral decorations to incorporating seasonal fruits and flavours, the possibilities are as bright and refreshing as the season itself. So, gather your ingredients, let your creativity blossom, and enjoy the delightful process of baking and sharing these cupcakes for spring.

Happy baking, and may your spring be as sweet and beautiful as the cupcakes you create!

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