How Long Does Butter Last at Room Temperature?

How Long Does Butter Last at Room Temperature

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The butter-storage situation is a debate that has raged like crazy in my house, and it appears to be doing the same around the country… and even around the world. Some people keep theirs in the fridge, but others leave theirs on the counter. But just how long does butter last at room temperature? And is it safe to leave it on the counter for long periods of time?

Let’s take a closer look and find out!

How Long Does Butter Last at Room Temperature?

Depending on the type of product you have, it is not always recommended to keep butter at room temperature. There are many different types of butter, such as salted and unsalted. The type you have will dictate the storage conditions.

– Salted Butter

The added salt in salted butter helps to preserve it because salt is a natural preservative. Unsalted butter will be less stable when it is out of the fridge.

Salted butter can last for 14 days at room temperature, providing it is stored correctly.

– Unsalted Butter

Because of the reduced salt content, unsalted butter will be more unpredictable when it comes to changes in temperature or storage conditions. It is recommended to always store it as directed on the packaging.

It is not recommended to keep unsalted butter at room temperature.

Some foodies say that butter can last for up to 10 days at room temperature if it is stored appropriately.

Butter Last at Room Temperature

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How to Properly Store Butter at Room Temperature

If you want your butter to last for as long as possible (up to 2 weeks), you will need to store it at room temperature in the correct way.

– Your butter container should be airtight.

This minimises contact with air and slows down the decrease in quality. Oxygen (air) encourages the growth of bacteria and the oxidisation process. Not only that, an airtight container or cover prevents flies and other unwanted pests from accessing the food product.

– The container should also keep out light.

Light can affect butter and other dairy products just as much as heat and air can. It works to break down the molecules of fat, causing the butter to turn bad and start curdling.

– Consider your options.

Do you really need to keep your butter at room temperature?

For the most part, butter will last a lot longer when it is kept in the fridge. If you do want to soften your butter by keeping it at room temperature, try to only leave out as much as you’re realistically going to need; otherwise, you’ll run the risk of your butter turning bad because you didn’t use it all quickly enough.

When NOT to Leave Butter at Room Temperature

Are you going away on holiday? It’s probably not a good idea to leave butter out on the counter, at room temperature.

Do you have a pet? How upset will you be if your pet devours the butter while you’re out the house? What about vet bills, can you afford them? Butter in large amounts can cause vomiting and an upset stomach in cats and dogs.

Is it the middle of summer? If the temperature of your home is going to be a little on the warm side (or a lot), put the butter in the fridge. It’ll melt and/or turn bad quicker if you leave it in the hot summer heat.

Is it unsalted butter? Unsalted butter belongs in the fridge. Salted butter is okay to leave out at room temperature, but unsalted butter is not.

How Long Does Butter Last at Room Temperature

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