Screwdriver Mocktail Recipe

Screwdriver Mocktail Recipe

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This is one of the easiest alcohol-free cocktails you can make, and it takes literally no time at all to whip it up. Sadly, I’m going to need to talk for a little bit and make the process look longer; otherwise, the search engine gods will persecute me for not being a robot… or something. Anyway, robots aside, let’s dive right into the screwdriver mocktail recipe, shall we?

Non-Alcoholic Screwdriver Mocktail Recipe

The (alcoholic) screwdriver first became popular during World War II, when various clear-coloured spirits were mixed with orange juice. This included vodka, gin, cut brandy, blended whisky, bitters, and a few liqueurs.  


The list of ingredients for a screwdriver mocktail is small. Like, very small. This is what you’ll need:

  • Orange juice – 3 parts
  • Non-alcoholic vodka or Tonic water – 1 part
  • Ice cubes – optional
  • Orange slice – optional, for garnish

You can use orange juice or the juice of freshly pressed oranges. I won’t tell anyone what you use, so don’t be afraid to skip the actual juicing part. Not all of us have that many hours in a day, right?

Tonic water gives the drink the same sort of finish and taste as non-alcoholic (or alcoholic) vodka. So, if you can’t find one, you can always use the other.


To make this screwdriver mocktail, you’ll need a few things. Not many things, mind. (I’ve also made the drink with none of these items, so take this list as a guideline.

  • Highball glass (or your favourite)
  • Stirrer
  • Juicer – optional, if pressing oranges
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knife

How to Make a Screwdriver Mocktail: Step-by-Step Guide

Various versions have been created from this one, sometimes called ‘screwdriver’ also. One as created with two-thirds gin and one-third orange juice, which sounds like one heck of a boozy beverage to me. Another version used a mixture of clear spirits in one drink, such as gin and vodka together.

Step One

The first step really does depend on whether you’re going to chill the glasses before you use them. If you are, fill the glass (or glasses) with ice, then carry on with the rest of the recipe.

Step Two

If you’re using orange juice from a carton or bottle, grab it.

If you’re pressing oranges to make your own juice, now’s the time to do it. You’ll need enough orange juice to fill around three-quarters of the glass. (It’ll be less if you’re filling the glass with ice, remember.)

Step Three

Empty the glass of the ice you were using to chill it, if applicable. Next, add in as much ice as you’d like in your drink. For me, it’s two or three ice cubes.

Step Four

Pour tonic water or non-alcoholic vodka into the bottom of the glass, over the ice. Then, fill it up with orange juice.

Step Five

Give everything a good stir, then add a slice/wheel or orange to the juice for garnish. Gotta make it look good, right?

And that’s it: you’re all done. The non-alcoholic screwdriver mocktail is now ready for you to enjoy and/or share. It’ll taste pretty close to the real, alcoholic cocktail, but without all the boozy aftereffects.

I love that, don’t you?

Screwdriver Mocktail Recipe

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