21 Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

21 Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

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If you’re in the market for some ideas for alcoholic Halloween drinks, you’re going to love the 21 ideas I’m bringing to the table today. 

There’s literally a little something for everyone, no matter what your poison of choice is. And, even better than that, most of them can be easily tweaked and customised to better suit a colour scheme or spooky theme. 

But let’s stop talking and get to the blood and guts of it… 

21 Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

1 – Creepy Crawler Cocktail

If you like your cocktails to contain club soda, orange juice, cranberry juice and gin, this one will tick every single one of your boxes. The creepy crawlies are, of course, optional, although they certainly add a pretty spooky air to the Halloween beverage. 

You can serve this one both with and without alcohol. Just leave out the gin if you’d rather not get the kids drunk.

(It’s probably for the best!)

Creepy Crawler Cocktail Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

Creepy Crawler Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Cooking on the Front Burners.

2 – Pumpkin Pie Sangria

The muscato wine brings a delicious sweetness to this tasty Halloween-themed drink, which you could also use for American-style Thanksgiving events, too.  

If you needed a way to use up the empty shell of a pumpkin once you’ve scraped all the good stuff out, this is one to add for consideration.

And, if you didn’t want a boozy sangria, you could always make a non-alcoholic punch instead. 

The opportunities are virtually limitless! 

Pumpkin Pie Sangria

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on That’s So Michelle.

3 – Liquefied Ghost 

I was immediately intrigued when I saw the name of this one, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the ingredient list, too.

You only need four ingredients: soda, cream, vanilla simple syrup, and vodka. 

Doesn’t it sound like it’ll taste delicious? 

I’ll be right back…

I’m off to try this one for myself. (And I might be gone for a while!) 

Liquefied Ghost

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food Network.

4 – Grasshopper Cocktail

This is actually known as the grasshopper cocktail, but because it’s Halloween, I’ve decided that it should have a new name, specifically for the occasion. 

How about Radioactive Grasshopper?

Or Toxic Grasshopper?

What would YOU call it? 

Whatever the name, it’s minty, green, and contains a nice combination of single cream, crème de menthe, and white crème de cacao – therefore I *love* it!

Grasshopper Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on BBC Good Food.

5 – Black Widow Venom Halloween Cocktail 

Alcoholic Halloween drinks like this one definitely look the spooky part — but things get better! This one tastes bloody delightful, too! (Get it – bloody delightful – do you see what I did there? It looks like blood, right?!) 

Great for shots, and an easy idea to tweak to make non-alcoholic too, this black widow venom drink is definitely one you’ll want to add to the drinks list for your Halloween party or event. 

Black Widow Venom Halloween Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on The Shabby Creek Cottage.

6 – Poison Apple Cocktail

Okay, stop, wait a minute. These cocktails are glittery. I repeat: these cocktails are glittery. 

I immediately need to add these to my alcoholic Halloween drinks party list solely for that glittery reason. It might actually be the most beautiful Halloween drink I’ve ever seen. How about you?

This one is actually surprisingly easy to whip up, provided you have the ingredients, obviously. You’ll need apple cider, some of that funky edible glitter, grenadine, cranberry juice, and fireball. 

I bet everyone will be under your spell, if you’re serving potions like this. 

Poison Apple Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Delish.

7 – Zombtini

You’ll need to mix pineapple juice, melon liqueur, rum and some ice for this noxious-looking cocktail. You will also need some Sprite or lemonade, and some grenadine for bloody decoration. Eyeballs are, of course, optional. They sure do look gruesomely good, though! 

Once you’re done, you’ll have a Halloween cocktail that everyone will be lining up to drink… if they dare! 


You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Totally the Bomb.

8 – Amaretto Halloween Cocktail 

To be fair, any drink can be Halloween-themed if you put jelly worms, edible brains, or candy eyeballs in there — but when the cocktail tastes as yummy as this amaretto Halloween cocktail, you might not want to desecrate it with spookiness! 

This one will take a little more work than some of the others on this list, but it will definitely go down a treat. It’s up to you whether or not you add creepy eyeballs and similar decorations to up the trick factor. 

Amaretto Halloween Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Everyday Dishes.

9 – Jelly Skull Shots 

Are you looking for a new take on the typical Halloween jelly shot idea? This one might just work for you. It’s jello shots, in the shape of skulls, created with different layers of coloured jelly, some of which will have vodka in. 

What’s not to like about that little combination? And, to boot, it’s super Halloween themed, do your party guests will probably love the little spooky touches. 

What do you think? Are skull shots on the menu for your spooky get-together? 

Jelly Skull Shots

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food.

10 – Blood Clot Jello Shots 

It’s your typical jello shot… but with a bit of blood and guts – or, rather, blood clots – to really bring it in line with the Halloween theme. 

There is no alcohol on these shots, but this is the type of recipe with which that can be rectified. Just take a peek at how to make alcoholic jelly and go from there! (It’s super simple, I promise you!) 

Blood Clot Jello Shots

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Kids Activities Blog.

11 – Ecto Lime Cooler Cocktail

Being green makes this cocktail suitable for a number of occasions. Halloween is one of them. You could also rock this cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day, and even Christmas, if you pair the green shades with red, gold, etc., to make it appear more festive. 

The cocktail recipe itself is super simple, and it’s a really refreshing beverage, too. And, to make life even better, you can switch up the colour in a heartbeat by just changing one very simple ingredient… 

(You’ll need to check out the recipe to find out what, though!) 

Ecto Lime Cooler Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food.

12 – Witches Brew Halloween Punch

This one looks neat, don’t you think? It’s fun, and it definitely screams party – that’s why you need to serve this spooky drink at your next Halloween party! 

The original recipe for this is non-alcoholic, but don’t worry; there’s an easy vodka addition to up the buzz factor. There are also a few other suggestions on how to tweak things or spice these boozy Halloween drinks up. 

Witches Brew Halloween Punch

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Bread Booze Bacon.

13 – Vampire’s Kiss Halloween Cocktail 

If you’ve ever wanted to be kissed by a vampire, now’s your chance! The creator of this spooky drink explains they tweaked another cocktail recipe to create this one: Hawaiian lava flow cocktail. 

Honestly, the creativity never ceases to amaze me! 

Vampire’s Kiss Halloween Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Atta Girl Says.

14 – The Re-Animator 

You might need to go shopping for a few new ingredients for alcoholic Halloween drinks like this one, and perhaps some new, weird and slightly bizarre decorations, too… such as the syringes that are used to inject the alcoholic part of the drink into the mixer part of the drink. 

It’s like a DIY build-your-own cocktail, and I predict your guests will absolutely love it! 

The Re-Animator

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food.

15 – Fizzy Cranberry Orange Vodka Cocktail 

This is a grown-up drinks, with the Halloween gruesome-ness and frills, for the proper grown-ups at the party.

It’s red enough to pass as a spooky-themed beverage, and you could always add some decorations to the glass, or inside the drink inside. Think gummy worms, etc. 

Of course, you could always tweak it more to make it super Halloweenie… but that’s up to you! 

Fizzy Cranberry Orange Vodka Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Everyday Dishes.

16 – Harvest Moon 

When the seasons change from warmer to slightly chilly, drinks tend to change, too. This even goes for the alcoholic ones. White, clear rums and vodkas are switched out for warmer spirits, such as whiskey — and that’s just what alcoholic Halloween drinks like this one bring to the table. 

When you’ve got the right ingredients, this boozy beverage will take you barely two or three minutes to whip up, and you’ll impress your party guests with your cocktail knowledge at the sam time. Don’t forget to add the Halloweenie twist with a themed decoration or two. 

Harvest Moon

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Serious Eats.

17 – Polar-Geist

If tequila is your poison of choice, you’re going to love this next boozy Halloween drink idea: polar-geist, a new take on the classic blue Hawaii cocktail, but spookier. 

It’s part-slushie, part-drink, but super refreshing and wonderfully tropical. It might be a little out of season for your Halloween party, but I bet it’ll go down a treat still anyway. Just don’t forget to add your spooky drinks decorations for added effect, just like the skills and skeleton bones you can see in this recipe. 


You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Food.

18 – Apple Elixir 

This one is actually not Halloween-themed, but it easily could be, with the right decorations! 

Three layers of apple flavours hit you with this one: cider, bringing the tart-factor; apple brandy, bringing the heat; and sweet cider, bringing the tart bitterness to an enjoyable level.

It’s pretty much everything you could want for a chilly season cocktail — and it would make a great basis for a Halloween cocktail at your next party. 

Apple Elixir

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Serious Eats.

19 – Stumbling Scientist Halloween Cocktail

This drink is a great one, but it’s the serving suggestion – in those cute little science-shaped shot glasses – that really piqued my interest. I must add those to my glass collection *immediately*. 

The recipe is simple, the ingredient list is short, and these alcoholic Halloween drinks are bound to go down well at any spooky party. 

Stumbling Scientist Halloween Drink

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on The Shabby Creek Cottage.

20 – Booger Beer Cocktail 

So, it’s not exactly the most adult of drinks, but it sure does bring the fun to any Halloween occasion! 

Before you add this to your alcoholic Halloween drinks list, you might want to know about the secret green ingredient… but I’m not going to give the game away.

Check the link below to find out what makes the green in this booger beer cocktail, green. 

Booger Beer Cocktail

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Totally the Bomb.

21 – Bloody Mary Syringes

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about blood-looking filled syringes served as drinks, but I must admit that they look pretty epic. 

This one’s simple, although you will need to get your hands on some of those syringes beforehand. Then, you’ll need the ingredients for a typical bloody Mary, which you’ll somehow try to fit into those syringes without making a right mess. 

I can imagine the scenes in the kitchen right now…

It’ll look like there was a murder FOR SURE!

Bloody Mary Syringes

You’ll find the full recipe and instructions on Delish.

Thanks so much for taking a peek at Buzzy Kitchen’s recipe alcoholic Halloween drinks list! I really appreciate you stopping by. 

Don’t forget to take a peek at some of the other Halloween food and drink ideas featured on the site, and if you’ve got a recipe of your own that you’d like feature, get in touch using the email feature. 

Have a Happy Halloween! 

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