101 Boozy Christmas Cocktails to Help You Survive the Festive Period

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 6

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If you’re in dire need of a stiff drink after a long, hard day of Christmas gift shopping, you have most definitely come to the right place. You will find all kinds of boozy Christmas cocktails to help you survive the festive period here, all festive themed, warming, and perfect for a cold winter’s night.

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101 Boozy Christmas Cocktails

So, without any further ado, let’s just jump right in, shall we? (I know you’re eager to get to the good stuff!)

1: Sugar Cookie Martini

By Wholefully

Sometimes you just need a whole load of sugar at the end of a hard day, and this drink will definitely deliver that and a whole load more! It’s no longer important whether your drink is shaken or stirred; it’s how festive it is that really matters!

2: Cranberry Sangria

By Joyful Healthy Eats

Sangria is a summery drink, but the cranberry addition to this one makes it more festive than it otherwise would have been. Plus, who doesn’t like sangria? (Apart from my mother?)

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 12

Photo by Paolo sbalzer

3: Orange Russian

By Craft Gin Club

Does coffee liqueur tick a few boozy boxes for you? How about triple sec? Cream? Gin? If you answered yes, you’re going to love this new take on the traditional white Russian. It’s a gin-spiked cocktail that works splendidly for Christmas.

4: Yule Mule

By Sur la Table

If you like a Moscow mule but you want it a little more festive, this yule mule cocktail recipe might just be the thing you’re looking for. Throw together some vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, and cranberry juice, and you’ll have a boozy beverage that everyone will want to try.

5: Mince Pie Martini

By Craft Gin Club

I know what you’re thinking: what makes this mince pie martini taste like mince pie? The answer is simple: a combination of sweet vermouth, gin, and rum, as well as a few other festive ingredients. When it tastes this great, you’re not going to want to leave a glass out for Santa. 

6: Candy Cane Martini

By Sips from Scripts

With a little crushed candy cane, crème de menthe, white crème de cacao, and simple syrup, this candy cane martini is going to tick all the right festive boxes at a grown-up Christmas party. And who doesn’t love a good festive martini?

7: Cranberry Mimosa

By Joyful Healthy Eats

The sugar-lined rim is an optional extra with this fruity little festive number, but the cranberry juice and champagne certainly isn’t! (Well, unless you want to add alcohol-free champagne, of course.)

8: Apple Brandy Flip

By Sur la Table

It’s festive, it’s boozy, and it’s warming…

What else could you want from your boozy Christmas cocktails?

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 5

Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

9: Christmas Cosmopolitan

By It’s Not Complicated Recipes

If you’re making cocktails to impress friends, here’s a great tip: make any kind of cocktail you want, add something to make it either red or green, or add festive accessories (orange slices, for example), and then give it a Christmas-themed name. There you go! You’ve made yourself a festive cocktail!

10: Gingerbread Espresso Martini

By Craft Gin Club

It’s an espresso martini… but with a twist. And that twist is a super festive one, which is exactly why it belongs on this list of 101 boozy Christmas cocktails. With a touch of gingerbread syrup, this cocktail goes from every day to festive real quick.

11: Boozy Peppermint Mocha Coffee

By The Suburban Soap Box

If you want your cocktail with a side order of caffeine, I reckon you’re going to very much enjoy this one. You can even pretend to everyone else that it’s a regular coffee and not spiked with booze. They’ll never know. Well, unless they give it a sniff, of course!

12: Cranberry Cobbler

By Sips from Scripts

The touch of cranberry helps to make this sherry-based cocktail a festive one. With actual cranberries, a wedge and slices of orange, a sprig of mint, and cranberry syrup, it definitely fits with the festive theme, that’s for sure.

13: Christmas Old Fashioned

By Half Baked Harvest

For when you want something old fashioned in festive style, what about the Christmas old fashion cocktail? It’s bourbon, because an old fashioned wouldn’t be an old fashioned without it, but it has a festive twist: cardamon infused maple syrup, bitters, and orange and lemon. I’m salivating at the thought. Aren’t you?

14: Winter Whiskey Wassail

By Kendell Kreations

I know what you’re thinking: what does ‘wassail’ mean? The dictionary definition says this: “Spice ale or mulled wine drank during celebrations for Twelfth Night or Christmas Eve”. So, it’s a very festive drink that we should all be drinking at this very festive time.

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 4

Image by Katja Heigl from Pixabay

15: Jockey Club

By Craft Gin Club

It’s got all the flavours of Christmas, wrapped up in a cocktail you’ll want to drink any time of the year. Throw your favourite gin in with some fresh orange juice and a touch of amaretto and it’ll be a very merry Christmas indeed! 

16: White Christmas Margarita

By Joyful Healthy Eats

I feel like it might be time for a fun Christmas fact along with our boozy Christmas cocktails, what do you think? If you were to add up all the gifts that were given in the song, 12 Days of Christmas, you would have almost as many gifts as there are days of the year. 364 gifts in total. I wouldn’t mind getting 364 gifts, would you?

17: Winter Pomegranate Margaritas

By Sur la Table

You probably associate margaritas with summer drinking rather than winter drinking, but this boozy cocktail recipe just goes to show how a quick tweak can completely transform a drink from hot weather one to a cold weather one.

18: Cranberry Gin Fizz

By Craft Gin Club

According to some polls and studies, you are more likely to break up with a loved one two weeks before Christmas. Of all the days in the year, that one is apparently the most popular one. Sorry to be all doom and gloom, but at least you can cry into your cranberry gin fizz. (It’s no consolation, I know!)

19: Hibiscus Christmas Cocktail

By She Keeps a Lovely Home

Hibiscus flowers are used in many cultures for their many beneficial properties. As well as being used as a homeopathic hypertension remedy, they’re also used in emollients, in herbal remedies for nerve conditions and cardiac issues, as a treatment for bowel problems including constipation, and as an anti-inflammatory. Technically, this festive boozy cocktail is a medicinal remedy!

20: Bad Santa White Russian

By Half Baked Harvest

If you like a white Russian, but you fancy it with a twist, how about a bad Santa twist? Mixing spirits isn’t always recommended, but the vodka and Kahlua work so well together in this festive treat. Throw in a good helping of caffeine, and you’ve got a drink that’ll warm you up and wake you up at the same time!

21: Holly Jolly Fireball Shots

By Delish

In case you weren’t aware, Fireball, also known as Fireball Whisky or Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, is a type of – as you might have guessed – whisky. It is a Canadian whisky, flavoured with various sweeteners and cinnamon, and less potent than many other types and brands of whisky.

It’s just the thing if you need warming up after a long and cold day at work. (Shot-style or otherwise!)

22: Winter Berry Gin Fizz

By Sips from Scripts

This one boasts of rosemary along with cranberries, a touch of lime juice, and – of course – the most important part of the drink: boozy raspberry liqueur. Of course, any cocktail can be Christmas-themed if you add the right accessories, so don’t be afraid to add a sprig of mistletoe or festive berries to whatever cocktails you decide to make.

List of Boozy Christmas Cocktails

Photo by George Dolgikh

23: Sloe Gin Hot Chocolate

By Craft Gin Club

If you’re in the market for a boozy hot chocolate, I’ve got a list of recipes you’re going to positively adore! Take a peek here if you interested in seeing more of those: 101 Alcoholic Hot Chocolate Recipes.

24: Sparkling Pomegranate Mimosas

By Joyful Youthful Eats

A great way to add a festive touch to any kind of cocktail, festively themed or otherwise, is to add Christmassy decorations. This could include a handful of cranberries or some mistletoe, a little sprig of rosemary or some edible glitter, or even just a glass or stirring stick that’s festively themed.

25: Venezuelan Eggnog

By Sur la Table

Known as Poncha Crema, this cinnamon and vanilla treat will really liven up your regular eggnog drinks! Eggnog is the most common and popular Christmas beverage, but it’s not the only drink that has been linked to the festive season. (As shown by this list of boozy Christmas cocktails!)

26: Cinnamon Bourbon Fizz

By Half Baked Harvest

Bubbly, boozy, and warming – three words you can use to describe this festive beverage. You’ll need to make cinnamon syrup in advance to get the cinnamon fizziness, but it’s easier than you might think. And it’ll be loads of fun, too!

27: Mulled Sloe Gin

By Craft Gin Club

What makes a good Christmas cocktail? Well, it needs to look the part, taste the part, and be filled with festive fun… right? That’s exactly what you’ll get with this winter-warming mulled sloe gin. Any gin lover will appreciate it.

28: Very Merry Ornamentini

By Inspired by Charm

If you wanted a drink that looks the part as well as tastes the part, boozy Christmas cocktails like this one definitely tick a few of the right boxes. It’s merry, it’s boozy, and it’s beautiful – what more could you want?!

29: Fireball Sangria

By Delish

There are so many ways to make a sangria seasonal, and with the addition of Fireball whisky, this one will do some serious warming. Cinnamon and Christmas were made for each other, and this drink was made to help you get through the festive season.  

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 9

Image by Freepik

30: Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cocktail

By Sips from Scripts

Chocolate and cherries go together brilliantly, just like… well, chocolate and cherries! Combining cherry liqueur with cognac, dark crème de cacao, and maraschino cherries (for the garnish, of course), you’re never going to want this chocolatey beverage to end!

31: Clementine Royale

By Craft Gin Club

Edible glitter and sparkles instantly make any drink more festive than it otherwise would be, and I definitely recommend throwing the sparkling additions to every drink you make. I love glitter, though. Admittedly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. (Or cocktail.)

32: The Nutty Irishman Cocktail

By The Suburban Soap Box

This next fact about Christmas is probably going to put some cats amongst some pigeons (proverbially, of course), but Jesus Christ, the son of God himself, was only officially given 25th December as his official birthday when Pope Julius I (of Rome) proclaimed that to be his birthday back in 350 A.D. Doesn’t it make you wonder when his birthday was, before then?

33: Sweet n’ Spicy Cheermeister Cocktail

By Half Baked Harvest

Salty, sweet, and just the right amount of spicy, this is one cocktail that’s guaranteed to warm you up at the end of a long winter’s day. As well as being super warming, it’s got a bit of a kick to it… but if that’s the kind of thing you like, I don’t see it being a problem, do you?

34: Christmas Pudding Vodka

By BBC Good Food

This one sounds utterly delightful, don’t you think? It contains pretty much every festive flavour and ingredient you could think of, and then some. This includes brandy, amaretto, oranges and lemons, other dried fruits, and a touch of cinnamon.

35: Dalgona Martini

By Delish

It’s got a posh name, but dalgoda is – in its most simply form – whipped up coffee. And in case you were wondering, it makes for a cracking martini base. It might not be the most festive of drinks, but I imagine it’ll hit the spot quite nicely regardless.

36: Creamy Coconut White Russian

By Half Baked Harvest

Liven up your regular white Russian by adding a splash of coconut rum, and also using coconut milk instead of whatever milk you’d usually use. They’re simple tweaks, but they’ll make quite the difference to your boozy beverage!

37: Peppermint Bark Eggnog Cocktail

By Sips from Scripts

Peppermint is a very festive flavour, and eggnog is a very festive drink. Put the two together and what do you have? Something fabulously festive to enjoy during those long, cold festive evenings!

38: Santa Clause Smash

By Half Baked Harvest

Sweet, warming, coz, boozy, and with a bit of a kick – Santa himself would be proud to have this drink named after him. All you’ll need to make this festive favourite is ginger beer, vanilla, citrus juice, pomegranate juice, homemade ginger honey syrup (or a similar alternative), and – of course – warming bourbon.

39: Jägermeister Christmas Punch

By BBC Good Food

Jägermeister isn’t exactly a drink you’d normally link with the festive season, but this Christmas punch drink just goes to show that any ingredient has the potential to be a festive one, if you think creatively. Jägermeister isn’t the only ingredient in this punch, of course; you’ll also find apples and clementines, apple juice, slow gin and prosecco.

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 1

Photo by Denys Gromov

40: Cranberry Martini

By Craft Gin Club

Cranberries were made for Christmas, and they were also made for this cranberry martini. With a touch of orange and a hint of gin, this cocktail is one that’ll you want to enjoy again and again and again.

Just remember: Always drink responsibly.

41: Jack Frostie

By Delish

Mix together vodka, sparkling wine, Blue Curaçao, and lemonade for a frosty-looking drink that is more warming than it looks! I can’t help but think that this one would make for a great adults-only drink at a Frozen birthday party!


Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

42: Chocolate Martini

By The Suburban Soap Box

Weirdly, Santa wasn’t always the jolly, happy fellow we’ve all come to know and love. In fact. St. Nicholas – the original Santa Claus – was said to be a symbol of discipline rather than someone who brought gifts and joy into children’s lives. Just a little something to consider as you’re sipping away on this delicious chocolate martini this Christmas.

43: Bourbon Cranberry Jelly Cocktail

By Freutcake

For when you’ve got so many cranberries because someone bought too many, why not whip them up into a delightful jelly-based cocktail that’ll be super fun to drink… or eat.

44: Buck’s Fizz

By BBC Good Food

For as long as I can remember, people have been drinking buck’s fizz first thing on a Christmas morning. It’s almost as though the addition of orange juice makes the boozy drink less boozy, but we all know that it doesn’t, really.

45: Holiday Cocktail

By Sur la Table

Do you know why the colours red, gold, and green are associated with Christmas? (I’m singing Karma Chameleon by Boy George now!) Well, gold is meant to be a symbol of light, royalty, and wealth; red is meant to be a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ; and green is used to symbolize rebirth and life.

Whip that fun fact out at your next festive event and I bet everyone will be impressed!

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 8

Image by stockking on Freepik

46: Sparkling Christmas Party Punch

By Half Baked Harvest

For when you need enough cocktails to feed the entire party, you make a punch – and yes, you can make a Christmas punch as much as you can make a summer one. White wine, sweet pomegranate juice, vodka, zesty citrus, and bubbly ginger beer are all mixed together in this festive favourite. It’ll go down a treat with all of your party guests, and you could even easily make a non-alcoholic version of it, too!

47: Peppermint Mojito

By BBC Good Food

Turn your mojito into a festive drink by adding candy cane-inspired flavours and decorations. It just goes to show that virtually any cocktail can be tweaked to suit a particular season or event. Even the most summery of drinks can be transformed into a winter cocktail that people will literally line up for.

48: Holiday Gin Mule

By Sips from Scripts

Up until 1870, Christmas wasn’t a holiday at all in the United States. It wasn’t officially adopted as a holiday in all US states until 1907, either. Oklahoma was the last US state to declare the day, a holiday. It makes you wonder what their aversion to Christmas was, doesn’t it?

49: Crème Brûlée Martini

By Delish

It’s all the deliciousness of a Crème Brûlée dessert with minimal effort and more booze. In my eyes, that makes it perfect for Christmas, when you barely have time to brush your hair, let alone whip up a delicious dessert!

50: Sparkling Christmas Sangria

By The Suburban Soap Box

Sangria-style drinks are super easy to make ahead of time, which makes planning and preparation for a big Christmas event a lot easier. If you’re in the market for warm hot toddies, you could even make sangria-based drinks in a slow cooker. Simply throw the ingredients in and then forget about it for a few hours; it’s the easiest boozy recipe in the world.

51: Hot Gin Punch

By Craft Gin Club

Believe it or not, this drink was inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. (Who, interestingly, used to live just around the corner from Buzzy Kitchen HQ!) With all the tastes of Christmas, including nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon, it’ll definitely bring out the festive spirit in everyone!

52: Spicy Sweet Grinch Cocktail

By Half Baked Harvest

If you like your cocktails with a little bit (or a lot) of spice, you’re going to love this cocktail! With spicy jalapenos with ginger beer, vodka, grapefruit juice, and lime juice, it’s festive, fruity, and fun!

53: Pear and Ginger Cocktail

By She Keeps a Lovely Home

This isn’t a Christmas fact, but a pear fact… There are said to be more than 3,000 different varieties of pear grown and cultivated around the world, with the United States producing and then exporting the most. Believe it or not, the pear tree actually belongs to the same family as roses!

54: Mulled Cider

By Sur la Table

One of the very earliest Christmas decorations was said to be apples, first hang on trees during the Medieval period. That makes mulled cider, or any other apple-based drink, probably one of the most festive drinks you could serve up at a festive event!

55: Yuletide Flip

By Sips from Scripts

How do you feel about cocktails with raw eggs in them? The egg actually brings a fluffy, rich, and indulgent finish to the drink, and you’d never know it was egg unless someone told you, or you saw the bartender making your drink.

56: Chocolate Peppermint Martini

By Chisel and Fork

Different places have different traditions when it comes to Christmas. In the UK, for example, it is customary to have a large bird, such as turkey or goose, along with roasted potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, and gravy, as well as a host of additional extras. If you were to travel to Sicily, however, you would be served up 12 different types of fish for Christmas dinner instead. Just an interesting fact to think about as you sip your chocolate peppermint martini.

57: Cranberry Jelly Shots

By Delish

Fun, sweet, tart, and boozy – these are great fun for a party or larger Christmas-themed event. Who doesn’t want to be taken back to their youth with jelly shots from time to time?

58: Peppermint White Christmas Cocktail

By Freutcake

Add a touch of white crème de cacao and a candy cane garnish to a glass of your nicest champagne (or dry prosecco) and you’ll have a fresh, fun winter drink that’ll bring out the big kid in you! The candy cane will dissolve in the champagne (or prosecco), and it’ll infuse the fizzy bubbles with a lovely, tingly peppermint taste!

59: Christmas Tom and Jerry Cocktail

By VinePair

According to the source, this cocktail is “America’s forgotten Christmas cocktail”. I’m making it my mission to bring it back. It’s got all the holiday favourites in terms of ingredients: nutmeg, milk (or substitute), bourbon or dark rum, cloves, cinnamon, all spice, brandy, sugar, and eggs.

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 11

Photo by Charlotte May

60: Damson Gin Royale

By Craft Gin Club

Here’s a fun fact for you: you can make this gin royale with damson gin or sloe gin. It’s completely up to you which one you choose. With just one other ingredient needed, you’ll be whipping this one up in no time at all.

61: Jingle Bell Cranberry Paloma

By Half Baked Harvest

I don’t know about you, but the name of this one makes me want to sing Christmas songs. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… Come on, you know the words, sing along with me!

62: Cranberry Mimosa

By Stress Baking

Raw cranberries are said to be made up of 87% water, with the rest made up of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Technically, if you’re including cranberries, fresh or juiced, in your cocktails, you’re upping your water intake. It’s science!

63: Instant Pot Christmas Wassail

By Sur la Table

In case you were wondering (you probably weren’t, but just go with it), wassail is an Old Norse term. It originates in ves heill, which is said to mean good health. Technically, this slow cooker Christmas drink might bring you good health! It would be a bad move not to drink it, right?

64: Spiced Pear and Bourbon Cocktail

By Freutcake

As the creator of this recipe says, it’s “sugar, spice, really good bourbon, and everything nice” – and there’s absolutely no way I’m going to disagree with that. Originally created as a “fall cocktail”, I can’t help but think it would make a great addition to your list of boozy Christmas cocktails.

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 7

Image by stockking on Freepik

65: Chocolate Eggnog

By BBC Good Food

Give your regular eggnog drinks a little makeover with the addition of chocolate. Dark chocolate, to be exact. It’s a festive treat that tastes more like a dessert, and it’s nice and boozy to boot!

66: Sparkling Pomegranate Rum Punch

By The Suburban Soap Box

I’ve decided that it’s time for another Christmas fun fact, but only because this fun fact is utterly bonkers. (In my opinion.) Once upon a time, particularly in Germany, Christmas trees were artificial… but not in quite the way you might think. The trees were once fashioned from green-dyed feathers from geese!

67: Eggnog Jelly Shots

By Delish

In the US, they’re known as Jell-O shots. In the UK, we know them as jelly shots. Whatever you call them and wherever you are, this is how you do them Christmas-style!

68: Gin Espresso Martini

By Chisel and Fork

Add a nice little caffeinated twist to your regular martini by making it an espresso martini… and then make it even better by adding gin instead of vodka. It’s always nice to have lots of options, right?

69: Maple Syrup Gin Flip

By Craft Gin Club

If you want to bring the taste of Canada to your Christmas party, this maple syrup gin flip will definitely do it. As someone that has been to Canada, I can confirm the country is beautiful… and the maple syrup is lush! Especially on cocktails and on pancakes.

70: Gingerbread White Russian

By Half Baked Harvest

Are you interested in a little history lesson? Well, I’m about to give you one, and it’s about the origins of gingerbread at Christmas. Apparently, it was Queen Elizabeth I, back in the 16th Century, who first served up the version of gingerbread men (or gingerbread people and their homes) at elaborate dinner parties. Enjoy that fact as you enjoy your gingerbread white Russian!

71: Winter Reviver

By Sur la Table

If you need a little something to help revive you this winter, this winter reviver boozy Christmas cocktail might just do the trick!

72: Classic Snowball

By BBC Good Food

This boozy cocktail is considered by some to be the ultimate festive cocktail. As well as being a little retro, it’s also super easy to make and only requires three ingredients – ice, lemonade, and Advocaat.

73: White Chocolate Martini

By Chisel and Fork

For when you prefer white chocolate over milk or dark chocolate, this white chocolate martini will come in handy! It even looks like a snowy scene, so you can definitely call boozy Christmas cocktails like this one festive!

74: Rum and Amaretto Spiked Eggnog

By Joyful Healthy Eats

With the addition of white rum and Amaretto, this eggnog will be like no other you’ve ever tried before. Creamy and festive, it’s just the thing for an evening in front of the open fire, surrounded by loved ones and Christmas lights!

75: Cousin Eddie’s Irish Eggnog

By Sips from Scripts

We’ve gone from Amaretto and rum to Irish whisky and nutmeg, which is exactly what Cousin Eddie’s version of eggnog contains. I’m not sure who Cousin Eddie is, but he seems like my kind of guy! I’d like to share an Irish eggnog with him.

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 6

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

76: Cran-Cherry Rye Whiskey Sour

By Tidy Mom

Whiskey is the spirit that most people think of when you ask them to name a boozy winter drink. This one, although a traditional drink (whiskey sour), has been given a new lease of life with the addition of fruit such as cherries and cranberries. It adds something brand to a drink you’ve probably had many times before.

77: Hot Buttered Rum

By Delish

In some parts of the world, Christmas (or winter) just wouldn’t be Christmas (or winter) without a mug of hot buttered rum, which tastes much nicer than it sounds! Sweet, warming, and oh-so-boozy, you’ll wonder where this drink has been your whole life, the first time you drink it.

78: Gin Hot Toddy

By Craft Gin Club

There’s nothing better than ending a festive day with a nice hot toddy… apart from one that has been spiked with a little gin! (With consent, obviously.)

79: Cinnamon Bourbon Old Fashioned with Brûléed Oranges

By Half Baked Harvest

Sometimes, just sometimes, you’ve just got to really push the boat out and treat yourself with that evening tipple. This is definitely one way to do just that, mixing a traditional drink with festive themes for a winter warmer that you’ll wish could last forever.

80: Winter Spiced Negroni

By Little Sugar Snaps

Turn your classic negroni into one of your new favourite boozy Christmas cocktails with the addition of charred oranges and Christmas-themed spices and flavours. When you’ve had a busy week and just want to sit down with someone quick and warming, this one might just be the one you’re looking for.

81: Blueberry Smash

By Chisel and Fork

This is a bright, light summer drink, but don’t you think it looks like a winter/festive one?! With thyme, ginger ale, fresh blueberries, jam, lemon juice, and – of course – gin, you could even add a sprig of mistletoe if you wanted to make the cocktail more festive.

82: Cranberry Buck

By Sur la Table

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest ever cut Christmas tree was a whopping 64.6 metres tall, which is 212 feet. It was erected in a shopping mall in Seattle, Washington, United States, back in 1950. I hope you mull over that as you mull over your cranberry buck! That’s quite a tree!

83: Cranberry Mulled Ale

By Tidy Mom

Do you know what the highest grossing Christmas movie is? (Since we’re on the subject of all things festive.) It might surprise you because it certainly surprised me. Although maybe it won’t. Anyway, earning an impressive £379 million during various releases between November 2018 and December 2020, Dr Seuss’ The Grinch is the highest ever grossing Christmas movie. I bet a few of you knew that already though, right?

Boozy Christmas Cocktails List

Photo by Gaby Dyson on Unsplash

84: Christmas Mulled Gin and Tonic

By Little Sugar Snaps

What can do you do to make a gin and tonic more festive? You can make it a mulled gin and tonic! A mulled drink sounds more complicated than it actually is. The process involves heating the beverage, adding sweeteners, and then infusing it with a delicious range of spices.

85: Tiramisu White Russian

By Delish

There’s nothing I like more for dessert than Tiramisu, so this one is most definitely up my street. But what about you? Does this drink tick the boxes for you? If not, don’t worry; it’ll just mean more for me!

86: Festive Spiked Cranberry Mulled Apple Cider

By Joyful Healthy Eats

You’ll need to set aside roughly 3 hours of cooking time with this festive delight, but the prep time is only 5 minutes. And here comes the best bit: you can decide which boozy beverage to throw in with it. Will it be cognac, brandy, whiskey, bourbon, or spiced rum? Or maybe something else entirely? I’m interested to find out what you’d add to yours!

87: Hazelnut Russian

By Craft Gin Club

If you like Nutella and you also like a Russian or white Russian cocktail, I think you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this version of it – hazelnut Russian. It’s like the grown-up version of a chocolate milkshake, and there’s nothing I don’t love about that.

88: Orange Pomegranate Cider

By Finding Zest

This is another of the boozy Christmas cocktails you could make in a slow cooker, leaving you free to do other, more important festive things. Like buying gifts, or wrapping gifts, or planning gifts, or – you know – other things to do with gifts. We all need a stiff drink after all of that!

89: Sparkling Cranberry and Apple Cocktail

By Sur la Table

Sometimes you need something fruity, sparkling, and boozy – and boozy Christmas cocktails are perfect for exactly those times. Liven things up with some sparkles and sparklers, or dull things down and leave them out (why would you?), it’s entirely up to you. I bet you’ll enjoy this one either way, though.

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 3

Photo by Charlotte May

90: Winter Citrus Tequila Smash

By Half Baked Harvest

Tequila isn’t usually a drink that you’d associate with winter, but this boozy cocktail promises to be just as delicious in the cold weather as it will the warm weather. Sparkles are optional, of course. (Sparkles are NEVER optional in my house!)

91: Big Apple Manhattan

By Delish

Apple brandy is what gives this boozy Christmas cocktail the alcoholic kick, and it’ll also taste like a dessert in a glass! Perfect to serve up to guests or drink alone, at the end of a hard day, you won’t want to put this one down.

92: Winter Aperol Spritz

By Little Sugar Snaps

The classic Aperol spritz is commonly more associated with warmer temperatures than colder ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this delightfully fresh little cocktail during the festive period, too.

93: Twinkle Champagne Cocktail

By Tidy Mom

Boozy Christmas cocktails like this one are also great for a host of other occasions, including Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, and more. Add a touch of sparkle (or twinkle) to your cocktails for a really festive finish.

94: Pomegranate and Orange Vodka Cocktail

By Sur la Table

Why should you add mistletoe to your boozy Christmas cocktails? Well, once upon a time, the drink was considered sacred and was used to ward off bad spirits, cure infertility, and even solve a host of other medical problems. It’s worth adding to your cocktails… just in case.

95: Werther’s Hot Toddy

By Delish

We’re taking it back to basics with a hot toddy cocktail, but this one has the added bonus of a candy-caramel taste. The melted Werther’s Original sweets gives the drink its sweet and tasty flavour, and you could add whatever spirit you liked! It’s *your* hot toddy, after all.

96: Gently Spiced Blackberry Bramble Cocktail

By Little Sugar Snaps

It’s simple, it’s stylish, and it’s a classic with a twist! With the tartness of the berries and the festiveness of the cinnamon and spices, it’s definitely too good to keep to yourself.

97: Peppermint Bark Shots

By Delish

Described as sweet, minty, creamy, and boozy, they’re the perfect thing to chug back before guests arrive, if you find them too good to share. Alternatively, share with guests and impress them with just how delicious this boozy festive drink is.

98: Holly Jolly Christmas Citrus Cocktail

By Half Baked Harvest

If you’ve never heard of St. Germain, also known as elderflower liqueur, you are in for a right treat! Boozy Christmas cocktails like this one are new, will definitely get interest for all the right reasons, and will impress everyone at the party. I’d be impressed anyway; wouldn’t you?

99: Spiked Hot Apple Cider

By Joyful Healthy Eats

With spiced rum, all-spice, cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and fresh oranges, this is exactly the kind of thing you’re going to want to come home to when it’s cold and raining outside. I’d say snowing, but Britain isn’t exactly known for its snow… right? (Sigh.)

Boozy Christmas Cocktails 2

Photo by Denys Gromov

100: Chocolate Hazelnut Martini

By Craft Gin Club

Throw together some chocolate with the flavour of hazelnut and a nice helping of gin, and you’ll have a drink that you’ll never want to end. If you thought Nutella was great on toast, just wait until you taste this!

101: Peppermint Shake

By A Worthey Read

It’s a milkshake, but for grown-ups. And it’s perfect for Christmas because of that peppermint candy connection. It looks innocent, tastes anything but, and the alcohol content is tweakable to suit your needs. In other words, it’s the perfect Christmas cocktail!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this list of boozy Christmas cocktails, and that you find something to enjoy or serve up… or both!

Just remember: drink responsibly, don’t mix too many drinks at once, and always drink more water when you’re going through that morning-after hangover.

And the most important thing:

Merry Christmas!

By Buzzy Kitchen

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