165 Christmas Breakfast Ideas Santa Would Be Proud Of

Christmas Breakfast with Eggs

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It’s customary to go a little over-the-top when it comes to the festive period, so to ensure that your day goes as brilliantly as you’d hoped, I’ve gone hunting for the biggest and best Christmas breakfast ideas that Santa would be proud of…

And you will be, too.

165 Christmas Breakfast Ideas

If you take a peek at the table of contents above, you’ll see that I’ve covered pretty much every base in this list of breakfast inspirations. I’ve got breakfasts with eggs, without eggs, for vegans, for vegetarians, with croissants, and with a range of other ingredients.

I hope this list gets your mouth watering!

10 Christmas Breakfast with Eggs

Eggs is a pretty typical breakfast staple but aside from scrambled egg on toast, or poached egg, what other options are there? Well, it turns out… quite a lot.

Christmas Breakfast with Eggs

I could have written an entire list of breakfast with egg ideas, there were so many of them. Here are the top ten that I feel would be perfect for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day breakfast. Or any other time of the year, just because you can!

  1. Festive Eggs Royale (with Caviar) by Waitrose
  2. Chard and Gruyere Eggs in the Hole by Good Housekeeping
  3. Christmas Morning Breakfast Bake with Paprika-Spiced Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Tomatoes, and Spinach by Karen Burns-Booth at GBC
  4. Leftover Roast Potato Breakfast Hash with Eggs and Bacon by Delicious Magazine
  5. Potato, Brussels Sprouts, and Pancetta Fritter with Fried Eggs and Bacon by Tasty
  6. Mushroom, Ricotta, and Fried Egg Tartine by Good Housekeeping
  7. Bubble and Squeak Turkey Fritters with Poached Eggs by My Foodbook
  8. Scrambled Eggs with Avocado and Salmon Salsa by Delicious Magazine
  9. Eggs Royale with Smoked Trout and Yuzu Hollandaise by Good Housekeeping
  10. Roasted Asparagus with Poached Eggs by Ahead of Thyme

If you’re in the market for more egg breakfast ideas, you’ll find them right here: 175 Epic Breakfast with Egg Ideas.

10 Christmas Breakfast without Eggs

Not everyone wants eggs for breakfast, and I can appreciate that. So, because I’m a super nice person, I’ve gone looking for the tastiest, most festive eggless treats.

Christmas Breakfast without Eggs

Fruity, sweet, and savoury – once again, I think I’ve covered all bases… but I wonder what recipes you would want to add to the list?

  1. 6-Minute Apple Crisp by Tasty
  2. Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus by Trendland
  3. Vegan Raspberry Muffins by Daily Dish
  4. Sweet Potato Rounds with Herbed Ricotta and Walnuts by The Roasted Root
  5. Cranberry Orange Quinoa Salad by Family Spice
  6. Cranberry Peanut Bars by Tasty
  7. Egg-Free Cinnamon Waffles by Momables
  8. Cranberry Sauce Oat Bars by Ahead of Thyme
  9. Egg-free Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes by My Whole Food Life
  10. Apple Cranberry Crisp with White Wine and Olive Oil by With Food and Love

10 Christmas Breakfast with Croissants

Croissants were always a bit of a ‘luxury’ breakfast for me as a kid, growing up. My family didn’t have them that frequently, but when we did, there’ would be crumbs EVERYWHERE. In fact, that’s probably the reason behind us not having them often…

Christmas Breakfast with Croissants

If you’re a big fan of croissants for breakfast, I’ve got a bunch of savoury and sweet treats for you to peruse. I personally think number six might be my favourite, but I’d love to know what you think. Which one screams ‘Christmas breakfast with croissants’ to you?

  1. Full English Breakfast Croissants by Olive Magazine
  2. Croissant French Toast Bake by Simply Scratch
  3. Hazelnut and Raspberry Croissants by Waitrose
  4. Chocolate Hazelnut Melt-in-the-Middle Croissants by Tesco Real Food
  5. Ham and Cheese Savoury Croissant Tray Bake by Olive Magazine
  6. Gruyere, Fig, and Prosciutto Croissants by Good Housekeeping
  7. Turkey Sandwich Croissant Wreathe by Tesco Real Food
  8. Walnut, Brie, and Cranberry Croissants by California Walnuts
  9. Turkey and Cranberry Croissant Panini by Simply Scratch
  10. Cranberry and Almond Croissants by Kitchen at Hoskins

15 Christmas Bread Ideas

Sometimes simple is better. Toast-and-butter is a simple, effective, and quick dish that can be added to with a large variety of jams, marmalades, and other toppings. For my list of Christmas bread ideas though, I’m focusing on bread that’s a little bit outside the box, so to speak.

Christmas Bread Ideas

Cut a few slices, warm it up (if you want to), then spread on your desired amount of butter or other toppings. That’s all it takes. The spicy, fruity, and delightful ingredients will fill your home with festive goodness and make every mouth water.

  1. Gluten-Free Spiced Winter Loaf by Victoria Glass at GBC
  2. Orange Glazed Cranberry Bread by Sally’s Baking Addiction
  3. Pumpkin and Cranberry Loaf by Delicious
  4. Buttery Chocolate Orange Brioche Loaf by Tesco Real Food
  5. Mincemeat Banana Bread by BBC Good Food
  6. Sticky Raspberry Jam Christmas Bun Wreath by Delicious Magazine
  7. Cranberry and Walnut Challah Bread by Izzy Hossack at GBC
  8. Apple and Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread by Good Housekeeping
  9. Pulla Bread (Roasted Almonds and Cardamon) by Trine Hahnemann             
  10. Pan-Fried Mushrooms, Chestnuts, and Cavolo Noro on Sourdough Bread by Waitrose
  11. Ukrainian Christmas Bread (Kolach) by Delicious Magazine 
  12. Vegan Saffron and Orange Banana Bread on The Happy Foodie
  13. Zucchini, Walnut, and Cranberry Bread by Delicious
  14. Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread by Tasty
  15. Dark Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Banana Bread by Sally’s Baking Addiction

10 Christmas Toast and French Toast Breakfast Ideas

Now it’s time for more toast, but more traditional toasts rather then fancy-bread toast. There are some French toast treats in this little batch of Christmas breakfast ideas, however, and I think you’re going to love them.

Christmas Toast and French Toast Breakfast Ideas

If you can’t treat yourself with a luxury breakfast at Christmastime, when can you? You’re allowed to be a little decadent from time to time. Little treats are what make the world go ‘round! (In my opinion they do, anyway.)

  1. Cinnamon Eggy Bread by Colin McGurran at GBC
  2. Panettone French Toast by BBC Good Food 
  3. Goat’s Cheese and Cranberry Sauce on Bruschetta by Delicious
  4. Boozy Bagel French Toast with Maple Butter by Olive Magazine
  5. Cheesy Citrus Panettone French Toast by Delicious Magazine
  6. Twice-Baked Citrus-Almond Brioche by Good Housekeeping
  7. French Toast with Sticky Toffee Walnuts by Olive Magazine
  8. Ham, Cranberry, and Camembert French Toast by My Foodbook
  9. French Toast with Cherries, Orange Syrup, and Ricotta Cheese by Delicious
  10. Port and Stilton Toast by Andrew MacKenzie at GBC

10 Breakfast Muffin and Bun Ideas for Christmas

Breakfast muffins are a relatively new food idea, particularly for Brits. I’d never had one in my life until I visited Canada, and then I couldn’t get enough of them. My muffin of choice was always a blueberry muffin, but there are so many more flavours and combinations to enjoy than that.

Breakfast Muffin and Bun Ideas for Christmas

Just take a peek at these ten breakfast muffin and bun ideas for Christmas. They’re all unique and festive, and you might even choose to make them for other times of the year than just Christmas; they’re that good!

  1. Stollen Muffins by BBC Good Food
  2. Spiced Plum and Quinoa Muffins by Good Housekeeping
  3. Gingerbread Muffins with Vanilla Bean Glaze by Ahead of Thyme
  4. Cranberry and Almond Muffins by Olive Magazine
  5. Christmas Morning Coffee and Pecan Crumble Muffins by Karen Burns-Booth at GBC
  6. Mrs Byatt’s Christmas Day Muffins (with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clementine Zest, and Dried Cranberries) by Adam Byatt at GBC
  7. Cranberry and Cinnamon Swirl Buns by Jamie Oliver
  8. Norwegian Custard Buns by BBC Good Food
  9. Giant Cinnamon Bun with Zesty Orange Glaze by Delicious Magazine
  10. Cranberry Yogurt Muffins by Ahead of Thyme

10 Christmas Breakfast Cereal Ideas

I bet when you think of Christmas breakfast cereal ideas you think of things like cranberry oatmeal and apple porridge, right? Maybe a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled in for good measure? What if I were to tell you that there were so many more possibilities than that? Would you believe me?

Christmas Breakfast Cereal Ideas

As you can see from the next batch of ten Christmas breakfast ideas, there are many more ways than you’d think to dress up a regular, boring cereal with a few festive touches. I’m all in for number eight, but how about you?

These breakfast cereal ideas are mostly porridge and oat based, but it does give you a great idea of how you can tweak ordinary, every-day dishes to make them more festive. Sometimes, all it it takes is a simple tweak here and there.

  1. Cranberry Granola by Jamie Oliver
  2. Creamy Porridge with Spiced Apple and Cranberries by BBC Good Food
  3. Rudolph’s Breakfast Christmas Porridge by William Drabble at Great British Chefs
  4. Raspberry, Honey, and Walnut Baked Oats by California Walnuts
  5. Spiced Clementine Compote for Porridge (or with Cheese) by Delicious Magazine
  6. Instant Oatmeal with Cranberries and Pecan Nuts by Good Housekeeping
  7. Gingerbread Man Porridge (with Blueberries, Chocolate Stars, Banana, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg) by Tesco Real Food
  8. Amaretto Roasted Plums, Nectarines, and Peaches with Pistachio Granola on The Happy Foodie
  9. Cinnamon Apple Baked Oatmeal by Ahead of Thyme  
  10. Chia Seed, Berry, and Walnuts Overnight Oats by California Walnuts

10 Christmas Breakfast Pancake Recipes

Most Brits only eat pancakes on pancake day, but on the other side of the pond, in North America (and other places), they’re an absolute breakfast must. Once you’ve seen these Christmas breakfast pancake recipes, you’ll probably understand why.

Christmas Breakfast Pancake Recipes

I’ve found fun pancakes for the kids, grownup pancakes with all sorts of decadent ingredients, and a mix of sweet and savoury to boot. And I think you’ll agree, they all sound flipping delicious. (Pun absolutely intended!)

  1. Rudolph Pancakes by BBC Good Food
  2. Horseradish Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Dill Sauce by Delicious Magazine
  3. Cranberry and Ricotta Pancakes by Waitrose
  4. Dutch Baby Pancakes with Roasted Plums by Jamie Oliver
  5. Pancakes with Quick Cranberry Compote by Delicious Magazine
  6. Gingerbread Pancakes by BBC Good Food
  7. Cauliflower Kimchi Pancakes with Sprout Slaw by Chantelle Nicholson at Great British Chefs
  8. Stuffed Mince Pie Pancakes by BBC Good Food
  9. Brussel Sprout Pancakes with Smoked Salmon by Delicious Magazine
  10. Pancakes with Christmas Morning Cranberry Butter by Good Housekeeping

If pancakes are your breakfast of choice, you might also enjoy these recipe collections on Buzzy Kitchen:

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10 Christmas Breakfast with Smoked Salmon

In my family, smoked salmon for breakfast was pretty much breakfast for royalty, so in my opinion, there’s no better time to bust it out than at Christmastime.

Christmas Breakfast with Smoked Salmon

Eating fish for breakfast around Christmas was originally thought to have started back in Ancient Roman times. Being Catholic, they wouldn’t eat meat or meat products, such as animal fat, on celebrated ‘feast days’.

  1. Egg Muffins with Smoked Salmon and Herbs by Waitrose
  2. Smoked Salmon Toasts by Jamie Oliver
  3. Smoked Salmon and Crumpet Bread and Butter Pudding by Tesco Real Food
  4. Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Chives by BBC Good Food
  5. One Pan Potato Latke with Smoked Salmon by Delicious Magazine
  6. Smoked Salmon Breakfast Flatbread by Olive Magazine
  7. Eggs Florentine with Smoked Salmon by Waitrose
  8. Smoked Salmon Omelette with Sprouts by Jamie Oliver
  9. Smoked Salmon Rosti with Clementine Salad by Delicious Magazine
  10. Smoked Salmon Coddled Eggs (with Capers and Gruyere Cheese) by BBC Good Food

10 Fancy (ish) Christmas Breakfast with Ham Recipes

No-one really knows where eating ham at Christmas started, although some people believe it’s all down to people in Germany, and the God of boars, harvest, and fertility, known as Freyr.

Christmas Breakfast with Ham Recipes

Regardless of where the tradition started, ham is a great addition to any breakfast dish – hot, cold, or anywhere in between. I’ve found recipes that incorporate ham into sandwiches, casseroles, croissants, pastry cups, and more!

  1. Ham and Cheese Make-Ahead Breakfast Casserole by Foodie Crush
  2. Easy Ham and Cheese Quiche by Spicy Southern Kitchen
  3. Ham, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Quesadillas by Damn Delicious
  4. Brie and Ham Puff Pastry Cups by Spicy Southern Kitchen
  5. Bacon, Ham, and Tater Tot Christmas Breakfast Casserole by The Spruce Eats
  6. Ham and Cheese Croissant by Show Me the Yummy
  7. Stuffed Peppers with Cheesy Ham and Rice Filling by The Spruce Eats
  8. Ham and Cheese Hashbrown Waffles by Damn Delicious
  9. Broccoli and Ham Quiche with Tomatoes by The Spruce Eats
  10. Ham and Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich by Foodie Crush

10 Christmas Breakfast for Two Ideas

Are you planning on cooking breakfast for a loved one or BFF this Christmas? These ideas are great for two, and they’re super easy to make. Your plus-one will be nothing but impressed if you serve these up in your PJs.

Christmas Breakfast for Two Ideas

Let’s be honest, if you and your BFF or loved one don’t deserve Prosecco and a deluxe breakfast in bed on Christmas day, when do you? Self-care is important, and I’d class these breakfasts as self-care, wouldn’t you?

  1. Green Christmas Pancakes by The Speckled Palate
  2. Quinoa-Pear Breakfast Bake by Taste of Home
  3. Soft-Boiled Eggs with Pancetta-Avocado soldiers by BBC Good Food
  4. Quick Fruit Compote by Taste of Home
  5. Panettone Muffins by Jamie Oliver
  6. Ricotta Strawberry French Toast by BBC Good Food
  7. Eggs Lorraine by Taste of Home
  8. Vanilla Crumpets with Cinnamon Cream by Ren Behan at GBC
  9. Blueberry Oat Waffles by Taste of Home
  10. Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Crispbreads by Jamie Oliver

10 Christmas Breakfast for a Crowd Recipes

If you have taken on the unenviable challenge of cooking for a crowd this Christmas, I’ve got a few ideas that might just make life a bit easier for you. I’ve also got a couple of tips, so I hope you’re ready for them.

Christmas Breakfast for a Crowd Recipes

Look for recipes that feel and look simple to you. If they’re complicated, you’ll likely stress yourself out in the kitchen, trying to get everything done in time, and in the right time. It’s also smart to consider all dietary requirements, or at least check to make sure that no one has special requirements before you start planning.

Anyway, lecture over, let’s get to the recipes.

  1. Almond, Maple, and Cranberry Chewy Granola Bar by Delicious
  2. Baked Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole by Sally’s Baking Addiction
  3. Cranberry Breakfast Cake by The View from Great Island
  4. Gluten-Free Cranberry and White Chocolate Star Biscuits by Howard Middleton at GBC
  5. Christmas Spiced Teacakes by Delicious Magazine
  6. Winter Citrus Fruit Salad by Good Housekeeping
  7. Cranberry and Orange Breakfast Rounds by Seasons and Suppers
  8. Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Snack Bars by Sally’s Baking Addiction
  9. Eggnog Waffles with Cranberry Compote by Kitchen Aid on Yummly
  10. Cranberry Cream Cheese Bars with Streusel Topping by Dixie Crystals

10 Christmas Breakfast Casserole without Bread

Are you considering making a casserole for the family for a festive breakfast but don’t want to use bread? Fear not, my friends. I’ve found ten recipes for exactly that – and I think you’re going to love them. (I hope you are, anyway.)

Christmas Breakfast Casserole without Bread

Garlicky, cheesy, with and without meat, and even with brussels sprouts… I bet you’d never have thought of creating some of these before today. I certainly hadn’t!

  1. Instant Pot Breakfast Casserole by The Spruce Eats
  2. Sausage, Squash, and Broccoli Paleo Breakfast Casserole by Low Carb Yum
  3. Caprese Breakfast Casserole by Two Peas and Their Pod
  4. Sweet Potato Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole by Café Delites
  5. Cheddar Cheese and Garlic Mashed Potato Casserole by The Recipe Critic
  6. Potato and Sausage Breakfast Casserole by The Spruce Eats
  7. Broccoli Egg Casserole with Bacon and Cheese by Low Carb Yum
  8. Oatmeal Cookie Sweet Potato Casserole by Amanda’s Cooking
  9. Brussels Sprouts Casserole by Two Peas and Their Pod
  10. Sausage, Egg, and Cheese No Bread Casserole by Low Carb Yum

10 Christmas Breakfast Casserole without Sausage

I’m sticking with the theme of breakfast casseroles for just a moment longer if that’s okay with you? This time, though, I’m bringing recipes for different types of Christmas breakfast casserole without sausage.

Christmas Breakfast Casserole without Sausage

Whenever you think of breakfast, you usually think of things like sausage, bacon, eggs, etc. When you take out the sausage, the dish is almost vegetarian… but not quite. I’m bringing you ten different ways to make a casserole without sausage for breakfast, and they’re a lot more interesting than you’d think.

  1. Vegetarian Breakfast Casserole by The Spruce Eats
  2. Turkey Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole by Amanda’s Cooking
  3. Potato, Bacon, and Egg Casserole by Two Peas and Their Pod
  4. Apple Pie French Toast Casserole by Café Delites
  5. Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole by The Recipe Critic
  6. Reuben Casserole (Sauerkraut, Corned Beef, Rye Bread, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, and Thousand Island Dressing) by Amanda’s Cooking
  7. Mixed Berry Overnight Croissant Casserole by The Chunky Chef
  8. Spinach and Mushroom Breakfast Casserole by Two Peas and Their Pod
  9. Caramel Apple French Toast Casserole by The Recipe Critic
  10. Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole by Amanda’s Cooking

10 Vegan Christmas Breakfast Ideas

For my vegan friends, Christmas in general can be quite a difficult time. Turkey, ham, sausages wrapped in bacon… everything seems to focus on meat. Even the potatoes are cooked in the fat of other meats, and the gravy is often created with the same.

Vegan Christmas Breakfast Ideas

These dishes are just a few vegan Christmas breakfast ideas, but as previously mentioned, have a look around the site for others just like it. I think you’ll be very impressed by what these amazing foodie and content creators have come up with.

  1. Maple and Almond Buckwheat Granola by Minimalist Baker
  2. Ultimate Vegan Christmas Sandwich with Chestnut, Leek and Sage Stuffing, Mushrooms, Sweet Cranberry Jelly, and Vegan Mayo by GBC Kitchen at GBC
  3. Gluten-Free and Vegan Pumpkin Scones with Chopped Pecans by Vegan Insanity
  4. Vegan Orange and Cranberry Muffins by The Speckled Palate
  5. Mini Apple Butter Pop tarts (Gluten-Free and Vegan) by Minimalist Baker
  6. Asparagus, Pomegranate, and Pine Nut Tart on The Happy Foodie
  7. Raw Vegan Breakfast with Bananas and Caramel by One Jive
  8. Breakfast Potatoes by Minimalist Baker
  9. Raw Vegan Breakfast Parfaits by Vegan Insanity
  10. Breakfast Apple Crisp by The Speckled Palate

10 Extra Christmas Breakfast Ideas

And just because I’m feel generous, here are ten extra Christmas breakfast ideas. Mostly because they wouldn’t fit in anywhere else, but I think you’ll agree that they belong on this list.

Extra Christmas Breakfast Ideas

There are some delicious boozy treats in this section, if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of non-boozy ones, too. 

  1. Walnut Breakfast Hash by Sally’s Baking Addiction
  2. Christmas Kedgeree Breakfast Tarts by Jamie Oliver
  3. Roast Turkey Baguette with Cranberry Slaw and Dill Mayo by Delicious
  4. Sage and Onion Christmas Shortbread with Cheddar and Cranberry Baubles by Alyn Williams at GBC
  5. Big Breakfast Yorkshire Pudding by Delicious Magazine
  6. Brie, Bacon, and Cranberry Mini Pies by Tasty
  7. Christmas Twists with Whisky Icing by Olive Magazine
  8. Cranberry and Brie Puff Pastry Tarts by Sally’s Baking Addiction
  9. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates by Natasha’s Kitchen
  10. White Chocolate and Cranberry Scones by Sugar Salt Magic

You have reached the end of the list of Christmas breakfast ideas, friends. I really hope you’ve manage to find something that ticks all the right boxes for you, your tastes, and whoever else you’re cooking a festive breakfast for.

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