How to Make Rhubarb and Rose Water Gin Spritz

How to Make Rhubarb and Rose Water Gin Spritz

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If you’re on the hunt for a spring-summer drink that’s also a little romantic, a little English rose garden, and a lot delicious, I’ve got just the thing for you. This guide will teach you how to make rhubarb and rose water gin spritz — and I promise, you’re going to love it!

Rhubarb and Rose Water Gin Spritz: Ingredients

You will need the following ingredients to recreate this lovely cocktail at home:

  • Rhubarb-flavoured gin (see below for alternatives)
  • Rhubarb and Rose Syrup (see HERE for homemade recipe)
  • Rhubarb bitters
  • Club soda
  • Ice

This rhubarb and rose gin spritz will be clear in colour until you add something to change it. If you want to get the pink colour, you can add a splash of Aperol, but if that’s not available, here are a few other options you could consider:

You may/will also need the following bits and pieces to create this fruity and floral cocktail:

  • Glass (12-ounce/your favourite)
  • Stirrer or bar spoon

I love a nice, short list, don’t you?

Rhubarb and Rose Water Gin Spritz: Instructions

To be honest, there are no real rules when it comes to this rhubarb and rose water gin spritz. As with most drinks, and especially cocktails, the amount of each ingredient you’ll add will be down to personal preference. Some people like lots of gin, others prefer more rhubarb and rose syrup.

Here’s what I recommend: Experiment!

Add a little more and taste. Add a little less and taste. Try different ingredients and different combinations, then taste. You might just create the next big hit in the cocktail world!

Anyway, let’s get down to business.

Step One: Grab Your Stuff & Add Ice

And by stuff, I mean, the glass, your ingredients, and the bits n’ pieces you’re likely to need. You’ll want to add ice to your glass. It’s up to you how much you add, but I like to fill it up for this drink.

Step Two: Add Your Ingredients

Start by adding your preferred shot size of gin, then add two or three teaspoons rhubarb and rose syrup. You may even want a little more; taste it and see.

Just remember: You can always add more, but you can’t take it away once it’s in there.

Add the rhubarb bitter and then fill up to the top of the glass with club soda.

Step Three: Stir, Stir, Stir

Using whatever you have — fork, long-handled spoon, bar spoon, whatever — give your cocktail a stir. You will want to be a bit thorough with it, ensuring that all parts are nicely blended together. That makes a nice cocktail, after all!

Step Four: Add the Colour

It’s now time to add what you have chosen to give your rhubarb and rose gin spritz the pink colour, or whatever colour you want. You could always leave it just as it is, of course.

If you do decide to add a little something extra, don’t forget to give it a good stir one last time before you serve it up or drink it.

Step Five: Add Decorations or Garnish

I don’t personally think this cocktail needs a garnish or anything extra, but you could add whatever you wanted to it. Throw a stick of rhubarb in it, add an umbrella, go crazy! (And then show me!)

How to Make Rhubarb and Rose Water Gin Spritz

Rhubarb-Flavoured Gin Alternatives

You can use various approaches to getting the rhubarb side of this cocktail into your drink. If you can’t find rhubarb-flavoured gin, you could always look for a gin-based rhubarb liqueur, or even unflavoured gin.

If you opt for unflavoured gin, the rhubarb bitters will make up for it, as will the rhubarb and rose syrup. It’s all down to you and what you like. It’s your cocktail, after all.

Why not consider creating your own rhubarb-infused gin? It’s fun to do, allows you to bring out your creative side, and tastes flipping lovely!

Remember: Always drink responsibly.

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