Should I Use Sea Salt or Rock Salt for a Grinder?

sea salt or rock salt for a grinder

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You can use virtually any kind of coarse salt – sea salt or rock salt for a grinder, which gives you quite a few options when it’s time to go shopping.

As well as both sea salt and rock salt, other types of salt will work just fine in your grinder, including kosher salt and even mineral or speciality salts.  

Best Salt for Salt Grinders 

As long as you’re using dry salt, you can use any coarse salt in your grinder. The crystals or rocks just need to be large enough to grind. Flake-based salts can be used in a grinder, but – as the name suggests – they are flaky, so don’t usually require grinding.  

As well as sea salt, rock salt, and kosher salt, you can also add Himalayan rock salt to your grinder, flavoured salts, and other speciality salts, provided the crystals are large enough to grind.

You should also, of course, check that the salt you’re adding to your salt grinder is edible and safe to eat.

Wet salt (also known as damp salt) on the other hand, will cause problems with the mill, damaging it and causing it to rust. Salt grinders are not designed for wet or moist products. The salt will turn into hard clumps inside the grinder, which will then be very difficult to get out without physically removing them yourself.  

Table salt or other fine salt types do not need grinding. It is pointless to fill a salt grinder with table or fine salts.  

Can You Grind Coarse Salt in a Grinder? 

Yes – that’s the point!

A grinder lets you grind down larger crystals or grains of salt. If the grains are too small, they will not easily grind. If the grains are too flaky, they will not easily grind. You should use a salt type that has large, coarse grains in your grinder for best results.  

Image by Divily from Pixabay

Where to Buy Coarse Salt for a Salt Grinder in the UK 

You can buy refill coarse salt for your salt grinder in every supermarket, and many of them will have an assortment of types and kinds for you to pick from.  

I, personally, refill my salt grinder with Rock Salt from Sainsbury’s.  

My mother, on the other hand, much prefers this product in hers: Sea Salt Refill from Asda.  

Amazon also has a varied selection of salt types, as do many other online retailers. Here are a few that you might be interested in:  

Kosher Salt

Morton Coarse Kosher Salt from Amazon – Certified Kosher – 1.36kg – Non-Iodized – Cooking – Kosher Rock Salt

Truffle & Sea Salt Seasoning

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Salt Seasoning from Amazon – 113g – Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly – Non-GMO Project Verified – Kosher

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Tellicherry Black Pepper

Salthouse and Peppermongers Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Tellicherry Black Pepper from Amazon – 100g and 50g respectively – Made from Highest Quality Black Pepper in the World

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