Which Oyster Mushroom is the Best Meat Substitute?

Which Oyster Mushroom is the Best Meat Substitute?

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There are many mushrooms types and varieties that you could use as an alternative to meat, but one of the best ones to try is said to be the oyster mushroom. But which oyster mushroom is the best meat substitute, and what exactly makes it the best? 

Why don’t we find out?

Which Oyster Mushroom is the Best Meat Substitute?

For look and texture, the blue oyster mushroom is one of the best meat substitutes. This one is used in dishes around the world because of its meat-like texture and appearance, particularly in dishes that have Asian origins. 

Blue oyster mushrooms are a little tougher and chewier than other oyster mushroom varieties. Because of this, they hold their shape well and don’t shrivel up to nothing when they are cooked. 

You could also look at pink oyster mushrooms, but these are quite difficult to get in the UK. Pink oysters are tougher and chewier when cooked than their blue oyster cousins. Sadly, pink oysters don’t stay the same bright pink shade once they are cooked. Instead, they dull down to a very pale pink, almost peach shade, but mostly grey. 

Pink Oyster Mushrooms Meat Substitute
Pink Oyster Mushroms

Which Oyster Mushroom is Best to Make Vegan Pulled Pork?

If you want to make a vegan version of pulled pork, mushrooms make for a great pork substitute. Oyster mushrooms, specifically, are thought to be one of the best alternatives because of their ability to absorb flavour, their meaty texture, and their large size. 

King oyster mushrooms are the most commonly suggested mushroom in recipes for vegan pulled pork. 

You will also find recipes that call for “king trumpet mushrooms”. This is just another name for king oyster mushrooms. 

(As if the mushroom world wasn’t complicated enough!)

Merryhill Mushrooms Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
Merryhill Mushrooms Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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Which Oyster Mushroom is the Best for Vegan Steak?

If you want something that will closely mimic the taste of steak (with a few added ingredients, of course), king oyster mushrooms are a great variety to look at. 

The king oyster variety is very commonly suggested as a meat alternative, not just because it absorbs flavours well (and therefore can be made to taste like virtually any kind of meat), but also because it has a meaty texture once it has been cooked. 

Larger pearl (or tree) oyster mushrooms can be cooked into steak-like pieces, too. You will also find recipes for blue oyster mushroom vegan steak, but the blue oyster variety can be a little more difficult to get hold of in the UK. 

Which Oyster Mushroom is the Best Meat Substitute?
Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Which Oyster Mushroom is Most Like Scallops?

If you need a scallop substitute, oyster mushrooms are definitely a great choice — but there’s one particular type of oyster mushroom that you should look at specifically.

The king oyster mushroom is most like scallops. 

When you cut up the stems of a king oyster mushroom so that you get flat, round pieces, you have something that looks very similar to scallops. With a few flavours, herbs and spices, you can also make your oyster mushrooms taste similar to scallops, too. 

Which Oyster Mushroom is the Best Meat Substitute?
King Oyster Mushrooms

King oyster mushrooms are very commonly suggested as a scallop substitute in vegan recipes.

As a final note, pink oyster mushrooms are also considered to be a great substitute for scallops, and for other fish-based recipes. The pink type has a slightly sweeter taste than other oyster mushrooms, and there is also a slightly hint of seafood or fishiness, too. This can be enhanced (should you want to) with a few ingredients, such as Asian fish sauce. 

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