Food Storage


Can Apples Be Frozen?

  • 17 January 2023

If you’ve got lots of apples, you might be wondering what you can do with them. Can apples be frozen? How should you store them? I’ve got all the answers >>>


Can You Freeze Tomato Ketchup?

  • 13 January 2023

Burgers, chips, even a Sunday roast if you’re like my Nan… What am I talking about? Ketchup, of course! But can you freeze tomato ketchup? Let’s find out >>>


Can Leftover Turkey Be Frozen?

  • 10 November 2022

You’re definitely not going to be the only one searching for leftover turkey ideas this year, but if you’re asking, “Can leftover turkey be frozen?”, I’ve got all the answers you’re looking for >>>